I’ve had four deadly surgeries in 2018 – Caroline Sampson


This year 2018 has not been an easy one for the radio and TV show host Caroline Sampson as she shares the testimony of the surgeries she has undergone and how God has been very faithful to her through it all.

The award-winning YFM presenter revealed that she has gone under the knife on 4 different occasions in just 2018. Caroline added in the interview with Zionfelix in Dubai that she had her first major surgery in January hemorrhoids or piles( locally called “Kookoo“), then she had one for cataract in June and the last two for fibroid & cervical polyps somewhere in August 2018.

“… this year has been very difficult for me, basically because I was battling a lot of things health wise. A lot of things went wrong in my body and all of them decided to come out at once… so I had surgeries that I had to do” Caroline stated.

Caroline added that these surgeries have had a great toll on her, more especially when she is somebody who is not very plump. She further stated that even though she has undergone all of these surgeries successfully, she still feels pains for especially the last one she did because of the cut in her womb.

Caroline Sampson went further to reveal that she is back to work even though she shouldn’t have been because her wounds are still healing. When the host asked where she decided to return to work even though it is not safe for her, Caroline stated that she had to do. She added that because of the many surgeries, she felt like giving up on everything and her sense of appreciation of many things, including simple jokes nearly died. Caroline thus concluded by stating that she decided to go back to work to still keep love and admiration for the job on.

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