I’ve come to appreciate doctors, health system – Lydia Forson speaks after surgery


Actress Lydia Forson is full of praise and appreciation for the country’s health system after undergoing a successful surgery.

Ms Forson noted that the life-saving surgery brought to light, the key challenges doctors and nurses go through to provide medical care to Ghanaians.

The actress revealed in a Facebook post on Tuesday, October 24 that she had undergone a surgery. Although she did not give details, the actress shared a photo from the operation.

Lydia Forson told Myjoyonline.com in an interview that she has now recovered from the surgery even though she had attended several events without divulging the pain she was going through.

“I’m feeling well now. It’s been a slow process but I’m back on my feet now. I have my bad days but for the most parts, I’m actually very good. The worst part is over,” she said.

The actress would not state when and where she had the surgery and what the surgery was for but said, “It happened this year. It’s something I have been going through from the beginning of this year. I had the surgery a while back. I don’t want to give certain details because unless you go through [something like this], it’s hard to talk about it.”

To her, the most important thing is that, the country’s doctors and nurses deserve commendation for their selfless services to Ghanaians.

“I came to have a lot of respect for health professionals in this country. I also came to learn that, no matter how rich you are in this country, if it’s your time [to die] it’s your time because little things that doctors need to help them do their job better, they don’t have them.”

Lydia said, she went to several medical practitioners but how a certain Dr. Bilson handled her situation deserves commendation because he made the surgery easy and successful.

“Regardless of how bad the system is,” people need to have “more sympathy for what the doctors go through,” she said.

“Next time I see doctors go on strike, even though it annoys me, I know what they go through to provide for us. I know what the nurses go through, how demanding the work is and how underpaid they are…it gives you an appreciation for the health system,” the actress stressed.

Source: Myjoyonline.com



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