I’ve accepted the bad boy tag-Prince David Osei


Following his many roles as a rugged actor, Ghanaian actor Prince David Osei, has said he has come to terms with the often erroneous perception that he is a bad boy too in real life.

He said, he has taken conscious effort not to correct people anymore because it will amount to nothing since that is the opinion people have formed about him because of his roles in movies.

The actor, who said he used to defend himself that he was not necessarily of the same character as seen in movies, says he is no longer worry about the “bad boy” tag.

The “I am about to wed” actor who was on Joy FM’s Drive Time show on Monday 19 February 2018, said he is often mistaken as a womanizer or the guy with many girlfriends. He admitted he looks like a bad boy but on the contrary, he is not.

According to Prince, since he realized he is in the limelight and so people will definitely peddle falsehood about him, he stopped explaining himself.

Asked what is the wildest thing he has heard about him, Prince David Osei said “That I love woman, I have a lot of girlfriends, I have a lot of women which is a big lie.

The funny thing is that I look like a bad boy but am not close to one …..Initially, I used to try and defend it but now I have accepted it, it’s ok.

Yes because some of the things you do people say stuff and am like it’s ok because am in the public eye so I just let it go”.





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