It Is Time To Pass The Right To Information Bill

The raging controversy surrounding the issuance of the $2.25 billion domestic bond, which according to the minority, was shrouded in secrecy, has provided us the opportunity to consider expediting the passage of the Right to Information Bill.

The New Patriotic Party (NPP) whiles in opposition, made a lot of noise for the governing party, the National Democratic Congress (NDC), to expedite action in passing the bill.

The NDC, also reluctantly for whatever reasons, dragged their feet on the matter. When power eluded them, they saw how important it was, so they tried unsuccessfully to pass it in the dying embers of the NDC administration.

The NPP, having won the 2016 election and for eight years saw the good in having that bill passed, kicked against every attempt by the majority NDC to bulldoze the bill through.

With the NPP in the majority now, one would have thought the first bill to have been passed or attempt made to have it passed is the Right to Information Bill.

Had the past governments seen the need to pass the bill, it could have been easy to have just walked to the Finance Ministry, quote the required law mandating them to furnish one with information concerning this Bond transaction.

We are of the considered opinion that, the time is right for the passage of a bill, which benefits far outweigh any intended harm it could cause some few corrupt individuals, who have held this country sway for some time now.

This parliament and the government, have the unique opportunity to set things right. The failure in the past to pass the bill must not hinder the calls by various groups, who have over the years advocated for the passage of the bill to have their wish granted.

Whatever agreement any public officer enters into, the person does so, on behalf of the people of this country, so the document or agreement which is not sacrosanct must be easily accessible to any member of the society, but that is only possible, when the RTI bill is passed.





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