It Is Morally, Legally And Financially Wrong For The President To Still Keep Seth Terkper In Office


A week ago, our able and affable Finance Minister, Seth Terkper was in the studios of Peace FM to explain to Ghanaians his Mid-Year budget review he delivered to Parliament on July 16, 2014.

He was asked by the host of Peace FM’s “Kokrokoo” Morning Show, Kwame Sefa Kayi how he felt being somewhat the president’s darling boy; his answer was “it raises the bar”.

Which bar is Mr Terkper talking about, the bar that has ensured that the single digit inflation we had three or so years ago, is now hovering around 15 per cent, the bar that has seen a daily depreciation of our currency to its major trading currencies, the bar that has set many firms in terms of statutory payments in arrears, MPs Common Fund is in arrears, District Assembly Common Fund is in arrears, it took a ruling of the Supreme Court to compel him to release funds to the Ghana Education Trust Fund (GETFUND), contractors have not been paid for almost a year, prices of goods and services are escalating by the day, of course I will agree with him that the bar has been raised and so everything is going up in the country, if that is the yardstick for the President raising the bar, then he is right.

He continued that, the President’s decision to retain him in his government is a “humbling experience.” As humbling as it is to him, it is not to Ghanaians, who bear the brunt of every policy he has implemented since, he stepped into that office.

If the Minister does not raise his own bar, he will go down as the worse Minister of Finance; we have had since 1992, when we ushered in the new dispensation.

I would like to inform the Honuorable Minister that the country is on a life-support machine and she definitely needs help. If unaided, this may be the last phase of her challenging life and so there is no time to waste.

This unfortunately is not the time for his usual romantic tales; he needs to come out with solutions that will help resuscitate the ailing economy. It is either we do not understand what he is trying to do, or that he is not explaining himself well enough.

The appointment of Seth Terkper was a well received one, as Ghanaians from all walks of life and different occupation, all hailed the President for elevating him from being a Deputy Minister to a sustentative Minister, it explains the reason many people, who will have
breathed fire and brimstone on the neck of anybody either than Seth Terkper, have all directed their anger towards the President, whose
crime was that despite the hue and cry, he still thinks Seth Terkper is the right man for the job.

History, will judge him, whether it was the right decision or not, but today Ghanaians think it was a bad decision.

When Seth Terkper appeared before the Vetting Committee of Parliament, he was asked among other things; his relationship with workers at the Ministry of Finance, his answer was that the accusations have no merit.

Long before his appointment, the issue about his human relationship has come up many times, but knowing who we are as a people, who are only interested in window dressing, it was flippantly dismissed as coming from disgruntled workers who do not like him.

But alas, recent events show that the man is indeed a difficult man to work with, he has turn himself into a dictator, who thinks he knows it all and can do it all by himself.

Last week, there were media reports about the unhealthy and unfortunate incidents, involving the Finance Minster and Dr. Nii Moi Thompson, regarding Dr. Thompson apparent disagreement in the policies Seth Terkper, had introduced and is about to in the Mid Year Budget Review.

The Ministry of Finance is now known as a Ministry without memory, because the man has succeeded in keeping people, with long standing service and experience far away from the Ministry, this singular behavior is what has culminated to where we are today.

It is unfathomable to me that the President, John Dramani Mahama still has confidence in the ability and capacity of Seth Terkper to steer the sinking ship to safety.

Seth Terkper’s economic modules are sinking the country, we can all pretend like we do not see and care, if urgent steps are not taken to support him, because it is obvious that the President, will not change him, we are heading to the brinks of collapse.

If we are to go down the responsible road as a country, Seth Terkper, should not even wait to be asked to step aside, he will do the honourable thing by vacating his post for a sober and capable hand to continue where he has failed.

What we need at the Ministry of Finance are developed minds that have grown beyond settling for mediocrity in the aspect of moving the nation forward.

The President is under immense pressure to deliver most if not all of his electoral promises, that feat is becoming daunting by the day, because we wake up every day to new set of problems needing his attention, the man who controls or has the purse is Mr Seth Terkper, it is his duty to make and spend, it is obvious he is not spending because there is no money, to do that he needs to generate. Mr Minister, please think outside the box, going for the low hanging fruits is a solution to the lazy and mediocre minds. You can certainly do better than that.

The President has given the clearest indication yet, when he addressed Muslims in Kumasi, the Ashanti Regional capital, during the Eid-Ul-Fitr celebration that Ghanaians will begin to see signs of recovery in the last quarter of the year, I hope he was speaking for you and with you.

May the good Lord help us in setting Ghana free from predation; by removing “Ghana” from the stranglehold of political predators operating under the guise of elected and appointed public officers?

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