It Is A No For The Legalisation Of Marijuana

Surreptitiously, a lot of high profile personalities, including the former boss of the Narcotics Control Board, Akrasi Sarpong, are asking the country to legalize marijuana.

The calls, have ominously crept itself into a topic of national discourse, to the point of finding its way into parliament before the Public Accounts Committee (PAC).

The latest to add his voice to the numerous calls was the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Ghana Standards Authority (GSA), Prof. Alex Badioo.

According to Prof. Alex when he appeared before PAC last Thursday, the economic potential of marijuana for the country was huge; stressing that it was about time authorities came up with a firm decision on taking advantage of the herb.

Apart from economic benefit, no proper submission has been made about the need to legalize it by many of those, who have proposed the idea.

God has endowed this country with a lot of natural resources, any resource that has economic, health or aesthetic benefit, we have.

Our problem over the years is not the lack of natural resources, but the management of those resources, either by value addiction or that we squander the revenue that is accrued from the resources.

Although, we have more than enough laws to curb any abuse of the substance, should it be legalized, our security agencies are ill-equipped to handle the fall-out.

An unfortunate incident happened in the Ashanti regional capital, Kumais at the Baba Yara Stadium, where drinks were shared to minors, during a concert hosted by an alcoholic beverage manufacturer.

Minors are not supposed to be sold alcohol, but we all know what happen at our beer bars and pubs, adding marijuana to the list of drugs people can easily lay their hands on, and the youth of this country are doomed.

Minors are now involved in prostitution, this is even a trade that is done openly; we have not been able to stop the canker, which has continued to fester to the point that, teenage pregnancy is on the increase.

The scripture says, “All things are lawful for man,” but not all things are helpful.

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