It Is A Crime For Peace-Keepers To Molest Their Host Victims –UN


By Cecil Mensah

The United Nations (UN), the umbrella body of nations seeking peaceful co-existence has said that officers on peace-keeping missions who are found to have engaged in the molestation of their host victims commits a crime under the UN conventions.

According to the UN, officers caught molesting their host victims will not be allowed to embark on any UN mission across the world.

And those caught molesting women particularly young women would be tried and jailed.

This revelation came to the fore at the observance of activities to mark the sixty-ninth celebrations of the UN Day on the theme: “Global Citizenship and Youth as well as Youth Engagement for Nation Building” the local theme for the celebrations in Accra.

Speaking at a press conference on behalf of the Minister for Foreign Affairs and Regional Integration; Madam Hannah Tetteh at the launch of the celebrations,
Ambassador Leslie K. Christian, Chief Director of the Ministry said October 24, the world over has been celebrated as the UN day since 1948.

According to him, this was the day when Member States of the UN recognize the aims and achievements of the UN and reflects on ways to advance its vision.

He took the opportunity to congratulate the UN for the remarkable work it has accomplished and the tireless efforts it is putting up to improve the well being of people in Ghana and the world at large.

It is necessary to join hands in tackling global challenges particularly when the global community is confronted with a myriad of challenges, the concept of global citizenship becomes more significant he said.

He explained that in harnessing the potential of global citizenship, the group that stands out is the youth.

People between the ages of fifteen and twenty four which make up 1.1 billion of the world’s population he noted
He added that youth agitations, youth unemployment and violence, particularly against girls and young women, have dominated the headlines in recent times and many political and social discontent in recent years have been fuelled by the engagement of the youth.

He said in recognizing the significance of youth participation in decision -making, the UN System-wide Action Plan on youth focuses on strong partnerships around youth issues and young people themselves.

It is on this, premise he said the local theme is a significant component of Ghana’s policy framework as it acknowledged the youth as an important human resource with the potential to contribute significantly to national development.

He said it is the responsibility of the Government to provide the youth with the proper facilities and structures to get them abreast and equipped with modern knowledge.

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