Israel King of Jews Church Celebrates 20th Anniversary.


Story by Bernard Quanson.

The Israel King of Jews Church in Accra, has climaxed its 20th Anniversary in their beautiful Yahwe Yl’re Temple at Atomic Roundabout over the Weekend.

As part of the activities to climax the Anniversary, the Founder and Leader of the Church, Na’koa Prophet Nazareth Ansah Jamson, led the large and lively congregation to offer a burnt sacrifice of a big cow to God.

Before the animal was burnt to ashes outside the Church, Prophet Jamson, explained that, it is God himself who established burnt sacrifice, which is captured in the Bible that if mankind does it, they would attract His blessings.

He noted further that, people often say that such sacrifices are not important because they are contained in the Old Testament, stressing that such talks are loose talks as every word found in any part of the Bible is relevant forever.

Prophet Jamson added that, in life it is sacrifice such as burnt offering that God values much.

The man of God, therefore, hinted that any Bishop or Apostle, who claims that burnt sacrifice is outmoded is a liar.

In his Sermon, he said it is Christ that has to be preached and not prosperity, as we see some churches do to mislead unsuspecting Christians all the time, continuing that it is salvation, the Kingdom of God that must be focused on and not false prophesies that some fake prophets preach and prophesied, adding that it is not true that Christ died on the cross for the forgiveness of our sins.

Na’koa also reiterated that it is not true that Jesus Christ died to take away our sins as is being popularly propagated by many Churches.

Na’koa, who also spoke to Journalists in an interview, noted that during their 20 years journey, they went through challenges, but they managed to achieve a lot, including the building of a big modern temple to the glory of God among other social responsibilities to orphans and the sick.

In a speech delivered on behalf of Adjoa Sarfo , Member of Parliament (MP) for Dome – Kwabenya Constituency, who was supposed to be the Guest of Honour, but was assigned elsewhere by the President of the Republic , one Mahmoud Kojo Asamoah , a Special Aide to the MP, noted that the MP, wished to turn up, but was absent because the President gave her an emergency assignment.

He further touted that the Israel King of Jews Church, is a great one because their leader teaches the truth and leads his people to do the right things according to the word of God and also noted that, God did not send Jesus to die for our sins and that it is nowhere in the Bible.

Nakoa thanked the MP’s representative for coming and also for their gestures to him and the Church on behalf of their boss.

The Prophet also prayed for the MP to return safely from her trip abroad with the President and his entourage.

Earlier on, as part of the Anniversary, the congregation organised, sanitation exercise, health screening and sports among others.

Picture …… The Founder and Leader of Israel King of Jews Church in Accra, Na’koa Prophet Nazareth AnsahJamson.







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