Islamic Leaders Urged To Sanction Dr. Bawumia


From: James Sheriffdeen

Religious authorities has been called upon to sanction any member whose lies to the good people of this country can bring chaos to disintegrate the peace we are enjoying.

Speaking to this paper on Friday, the spokesperson for “Operation Save The Suffering Masses (OSSM), Nana Kwasi Kwarteng said, it was now the turn for religious leaders to monitor the activities of their members to curtail all bad acts.

Citing Dr. Muhamadu Bawumia, the running mate to Nana Akuffo Addo of the New Patriotic Party (N.P.P), Nana Kwarteng explained that, the blatant lies that he told Ghanaians, could have plunge the whole country into chaos.

He said, Dr. Bawumia, who claimed to have the list of Togolese who came down to register as voters, has blatantly refused to bring it out to show the peace loving Ghanaians that, he is a truthful person who can be trusted to be a Vice President.

“This refusal by Dr. Bawumiah to bring out his evidence means, he is a great lair and must therefore be sanctioned by Muslim religious leaders” he pointed out and, said, supposing the Electoral Commission did not allow people to go and check whether they used NHIS cards to register or not could have been a different thing all together because there were people who believed in what Dr. Bawumiah said.

Nana Kwarteng was of the view that, as Christians usually sanction their members when they fault, he believes Muslims, can also sanction their members when they also fault like Dr. Bawumiah.

According to him, he does not understand why politicians are allowed to come and take the microphone and preach and lie to the congregations in churches which he also says should not be allowed because God abhors that.

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