Isalm Is Not A Violence Religion –Ahmadiyya President


From Samuel Mensah Torbizo, Kumasi

The President of the Atonsu Circuit of the Ahamadiyya Muslim Mission, Alhaji Mahamoud Abdullah Ennin, has stated that Islamic religion, contrary to the long held notion by section of people to portray it as a violent religion, is not.

He downplayed this assertion stressing, Islam is peace , obedience and submission to the command and will of Allah(God) as well as respect for fellow human beings

“Sometimes it baffles my mind, when I hear some people trying to label Islam as a violent religion. Islam in actual fact ,focuses on humanity and it is not about perpetrating violence against those who do not belong g to this faith,” he said.

Alhaj Abdullah Ennin, speaking in an interview with the paper, entreated the followers of Prophet Mohammed (PBUH), to live by the tenets upon which it was founded.

He remarked, “I want to appeal to Muslims in particular, the youth to desist from engaging in acts that do not speak well about the religion”.

He was of the opinion that the Prophet Mohammed, even at time of provocation by his adversaries, he did not react angrily, instead tried to remain calm with those who persecuted him.

“There is a great lesson for us to learn from the peaceful attitude exhibited by Prophet Mohammed even when we are provoked to our limit,” he added.

Alhaj Abdullah Ennin, used the encounter with the paper to caution the youth in Zongo communities to abstain from indulging in any act, that has the tendency to create confusion, after the final verdict by the Supreme Court on the 2012 election petition.

“Let me sound a word of caution to the youth in Zongos to avoid being influenced by any individual or a group of people to be the frontiers in causing civil unrest after the ruling by the Supreme Court, ’’ he warned.

Alhaj Abdullah Ennin, was happy that Ghana unlike other countries, religious tolerance has been sustained all over the years.
This he noted has made her an outstanding nation among others.

He said“ We need to maintain our religious diversity through tolerance to serve as a spring board for national accelerated growth”.

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