Is This Our Version Of Democracy?


The freedom guaranteed us by the 1992 Constitution, comes with responsibilities. Unfortunately for us, whiles we demand that our rights and freedoms must be sacrosanct, the actions of politicians, have embolden the lawless.

Which country, practicing an inkling of democracy that we have here, would allow such act of lawlessness to be perpetuated by people, who by reason of their actions, are not fit to be among a responsible people.

We recognize the fact that, we all need to work in order to feed our families and contribute our quota to the development of the nation, through the payment of taxes, but that also must be done responsibly.

We all sit unconcern and allow people to occupy lands that are meant for one purpose or another or a temporal facility, because of something that was also orchestrated by our political leaders.

The comfort of few people should not be sacrificed for the comfort and security of many of our people, especially, when something could be done to attain acceptable levels of equity.

We are all happy to compare ourselves to the so-called developed world, the least chance we get, we are all in a hurry to get on the next flight out of this country, the countries, we so much desire to visit, even at the risk of our lives, was not achieved by sitting down and doing nothing, whiles the cities are engulf in filth and squalor.

Two weeks ago, a rather blessing from God that we should rejoice in, left tears in the eyes of the whole nation, necessitating the President to declare three days of mourning.

Four or five hours of rain, claimed close to two hundred lives, because the city authorities have tried unsuccessfully over the years to dredge the Odaw River.

The unfortunate incident led the city authorities to bring down some structures at the Sodom and Gomorrah, take note that not all the structures, were razed down.
The youth who are illegally occupying the place decided to defy the public order act by staging a reckless demonstration, threatening the lives of innocent and law-abiding citizens.

For how long will this continue, where people break the law with reckless abundance, without regard to the laws of the country?

The President over the weekend inaugurated the Ratray Park in Kumasi, the Mayor of Accra, since then had come under attack from residents of Accra for doing little to beautify the city.

How is he able to work, if he cannot do his work without one group or another rising against him?

We condemn this act in no uncertain terms, and we call on all well-meaning Ghanaians to do so.

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