Is The New Patriotic Party Cursed?


As the 2016 presidential and parliamentary elections, turn into the home stretch, one thing is certain: the New Patriotic Party (NPP), led by a veteran politician, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, are not serious for the battle ahead.

The NPP, has been dreaming of a fool’s paradise to come, since the party lost the 2008 election, they have, became so impatient that all they engage in is empty rhetoric and throwing stones against their perceived political enemy.

It is very evident that, this year’s elections is going to be fought on issues, as many Ghanaians spearheaded by think tanks are scrutinizing every promise the political parties are making.

This is new to our political discourse, as over the years, especially since 1992, politicians have gotten away with audacious promises that have never been fulfilled and no one has had the guts to question them.

It is now becoming apparent that, we are no longer going to accept excuses and phantom promises, which are usually laden with propaganda.

The New Patriotic Party (NPP), is yet to get the memo, they are still engaged in the old warfare, the one that won the 2000 elections and turned out
to be the worst period in the fourth republican dispensation.

It is said that, he who seeks equity, must come with clean hands. Elections in most part of the world, is fought and won on the superiority of one’s manifesto.

It outlines a political party’s programme and policies, it just doesn’t contain on ‘what’ but ‘how’ to achieve and fulfill the promises.

Ghana is no exception, as political parties since 1992, have presented the good people of this country with their manifestos. It is a fact that, not all promises made in the manifestos are fulfilled, but it gives the electorates the opportunity to hold the parties accountable, when next they come to them to renew their mandate.

It is also a fact that, not many people in Ghana bother themselves about manifestos; this is borne out of the fat that, as a people, we do not like reading.

But be as that may be, political parties have a duty to the few who read, scrutinize and their decisions on who to vote for based on manifestos.

The only political party in this country, which has sole propriety to intellectual right is the New Patriotic Party, they claim to be the bastions of knowledge in Ghana, any other person who does not belong to that political party is subservient to them, and so when they speak no one has any locus to talk, let alone challenge them.

Since the beginning of time, they have been disturbing our ears with the fact that, some political parties, especially the National Democratic Congress (NDC) steals their ideas.

Following from this, they have refused to launch their manifesto, because the NDC will steal their ideas.

The position taken by the NPP, defy every conceivable logic, manifestos are put in a book, so when someone steals or plagiaries it, the person will be caught, but no, the NPP, keeps deceiving Ghanaians, when the simple truth is that, they don’t have a manifesto.

They dared the governing party, which although already in motion accepted the challenge and launched their manifesto.

The NPP, changed the tune again, with the same allegation that, their ideas has been stolen by the NDC, at the same time, some members also claim the promises contained in the manifesto are phantom ones.

The NPP, did not stop there, the party actually went ahead to organize a press conference to point out, what they think are promises the governing party cannot fulfill, if given another mandate.

For the records, Ghanaians are not stupid, they will know a lie when they hear one, the NPP, want to play the role of a referee and a player.
They were first supposed to also launch their manifesto and allow us put the two manifestos side by side; we are well equipped and educated to comprehend what the two will be promising.

The NPP, keep making one mistake after another and angering the electorates in the process, sometimes I get the feeling the party is cursed.

This is 2016, the narrative has changed, and the electoral have become savvy and need not be fed with propaganda every day, as if they are nothing
better to talk about.

I pity the NDC sometimes, because they fall for the traps set by the NPP, when they master and surpass it, the NPP, will change the rules again.

We are too emotionally attached to our political parties, such that, we do not see beyond their faults. The Progressive People’s Party (PPP), come across as more serious and focused than the NPP, but who will vote for them?

Thank God, we have a constituent known as floating voters; this group of people are not too partisan in nature, they take their voting decisions based on the programmes and policies political parties.

They do not vote on religious lines, ethnicity and cannot be bribed with gifts and money, the reason for the need to launch a manifesto is to appeal to them and get their votes and their votes are what almost always separate the winner from the loser.

Press conferences don’t win elections, they only make people angry, so instead of NPP, disturbing us every day over press conferences to address
issues that are rehashed are annoying to say the least.

They cannot be changing the dance, anytime they don’t understand the beat. They are running out of time, the joke is becoming too much, if they really want to be seen as a serious player in the December 7, elections, they must first launch their manifesto.

We, the willing Ghanaians, promise them that, we do not need them to tell us, NDC’s promises are bogus and cannot be achieved; we will scrutinize the two manifestoes and decide for ourselves.

Only a cursed political party, will be doing what the New Patriotic Party is doing, even journalists are tired of the daily press conferences.

We will not launch our manifesto because they will steal our ideas—the NDC manifesto is full of phantom promises—they stole our ideas—we cannot trust President John Dramani Mahama to fulfill his manifesto promises—the manifesto is full of errors. When will these jokes end.

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