Is The National Towing Project Another Avenue To Rip Off Ghanaians?

Car owners pay for insurance and yet hardly file for claims, they pay for road worthy, yet they do not know what the money is used for. A car can have as many as four, five six etc owners, it moves from one person to another, all these while the car must be insured, because that is what the law says.

We are reading and hearing, about the level of pillage that, have gone on in most of ours state institutions over the years, no one gets punished to serve as deterrent, what we do instead, is to keep taking from the citizenry.

If only as a country, we can block all the loopholes and prevent stealing, they will be enough resources to take care of our basic needs and there will be no need to keep introducing new taxes.

We are always interested in the low hanging fruits, the only language and strategy available to our leaders is to keep taxing, the already suffocating citizenry.

This national towing project is another ploy to steal money from the citizenry to feed the already fat cows in the society.

What benefit have we derived from the road worthy that car owner’s pay annually? Can’t Insurance companies, as part of giving back to the society take up, the cost of towing cars or better still add it as part of claims available to car owners to apply?

Must Ghanaians pay for everything, what is the responsibility of state institutions to the citizenry?

If a private individual has brought in towing cars, why should car owners prepay for a service, which they are not likely to benefit from, because you can only take advantage of the service, only when your car breaks down on the road and not your house.

In solving one problem, we create countless ones that will burden the unborn generation.

We are all concerned about the spate of road accidents caused by broken down vehicles on the country’s roads, but that does not mean we should take money from an already dried pockets.

All well-meaning Ghanaians must rise up and register their displeasure about the intended National Towing Project, which is scheduled to begin on July 1.

There must be broad stakeholders’ engagement to disabuse the minds of all that, this is not another avenue to rip Ghanaians off.

Who can we complain to if all calls to the number provided, does not go through. We live in a country, where the customer is always seen as a bother.



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