Is The Legon 650 Bed Hospital Becoming A White Elephant?

According to a story carried by the Daily Graphic on March 16, 2016, the first phase of the University of Ghana Teaching Hospital, Legon, was to be fully operational by July 2016.

The hospital in question, is a $217-million loan facility from the Government of Israel, with counterpart funding from the Ghana government.

As far as March, last year, we were informed the facility was 95 percent complete. More than a year down the line, the hospital is yet to be commissioned.

Whatever is causing the delay must be quickly addressed, before the facility starts decaying, requiring additional money to put it into shape, when we finally decide to use it.

A teaching hospital for the University of Ghana, was long overdue. As a premier university, having churned out most of our medical practitioners, it was a welcome news, when the previous government, decided to put up the teaching hospital.

The hospital is to be used as the principal training facility for medical students and specialists of the University of Ghana Medical School, it is also an ideal place for medical tourism in the country. So the facility cannot be allowed to rot away.

The current government must show the same commitment, as the previous government to ensure that, what is left to complete the facility for the benefit of the university community and Ghanaians is done.

It is a nice edifice that must not be caught up in the politics of the day. A lot of the nurses, as well as other health professionals, who have to picket at the health ministry, before they are employed, can find work at the hospital.

A visit to the facility will reveal activity relating to construction without an evidence to provide services expected of a hospital of that status.



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