Is the Ghana Maritime Authourity Boss Living In A Mortuary?

There is, indeed, no limit to the theatrics that the Director-General of the Ghana Maritime Authourity (GMA), George Owusu is capable of.

The arrogant posture of the Director-General at a press conference last Tuesday to defend spending a million Ghana Cedis on 13-airconditioners, smacks of arrogance, impunity, infantile and he rather expected Ghanaians to tolerate the theatrics.

The wanton dissipation of our scarce resources by actors of this government, is becoming a huge embarrassment and a national shame.

Mr George Owusu, constituted himself into a nuisance, questioning the sanity of anybody, who dares to question the propriety of his actions.

How can you award a contract to your hotel and expect us to clap for you.

In our opinion, what is making this whole saga very interesting is the installation of 13-air conditioners for his four bedroom house.

Is the house a cold store to store fish or mortuary for dead bodies?

13 air-conditioners for a four bedroom house, cannot be justified anywhere, except in Akufo-Addo’s Ghana. This is certainly not a judicious use of state resources.

We wish to ask, how much money has George Owusu, added to the account of GMA when he became the D-G of the authourity to warrant spending so much on renovation and food.

As much as we will not begrudge the authourity for organizing parties, we are, however, appalled by the amount involved.

No sane country will tolerate this palpable bellyaching from Mr Owusu, who obviously does not appreciate the quantum of money, he has spent on party.

Hundred and Thirty-Five Thousand Ghana Cedis (¢135,000), can do so much for a country that cannot employ nurses we have spent money to train.

Contractors are on the neck of the government, for failing to pay arrears for projects executed. We still have schools under trees, despite the efforts by various governments, since 1992 to eliminate them.

We have all lost the sense of nationalism, these days an opportunity to serve, is no longer seen as a privilege and calling to make a difference in the life of the people, it is rather seen as an opportunity for people to fleece the country.

Even the residence of the president inside the flagstaff house, does not have 13 air-conditioners.


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