Is President John Mahama Lonely And Let Down By His Appointees?


Sometimes one stops and ask, is it worth it, is it worth your time, is it worth all the enemies you make and wonders, then you hear that little voice that always tells you to do the unthinkable, you hear all the bad ideas that arise out of a sense of bad faith, that is when you exclaim, what the heck.

I am sure many of you might at one point in your dealing with other people, group, or even in your organization, you have gone through this experience, an experience that brings out the bad in you, one that is anti-progress, one that ensures that when you are to choose between winning and losing, you will definitely without a blink, choose the latter.

This feeling is what epitomizes in us the saying that “For the ball to enter the net, it must roll to corner”.

This is the sense of feeling one gets, when you interact with members of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), it is a sorry state of the party, not that this is new, it started with the late President, John Evans Atta Mills, it explains why the former First Lady and wife of the founder of the NDC, Nana Konadu Agyeman Rawlings, decided to add to her cap, the enviable record of being the first person to challenge a sitting President for the flagbearership position in the history of this nation.

Of course, she knew that the outcome of such an audacious attempt will end in disgrace, but she persisted, daring all her critics, closing her ears to all the insults, accusations of corruption during the 19 years rule of her husband and what a selfish woman she was.

How did the party get there, it was simple, mistrust.

The party after the demise of President Mills and with the emergence of President John Dramani Mahama, as its flagbearer for the 2012 elections, ignited a sense of belonging. President Mahama brought a certain vibrancy that could only be compared to the days of our founder and first President, Dr. Kwame Nkrumah, as well during the days of Jerry John Rawlings.

It took the President only three months to campaign to beat an already marketed and known candidate, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo.

After the election, one would have thought that the party had learnt its lesson, a lesson that unfortunately is associated with victory, i.e. being in power. The New Patriotic Party (NPP), under ex-President John Agyekum Kufuor, had it fair share of internal wrangling and mistrust.

In this country, the main reason behind everybody joining a political party is to advance their own selfish and parochial interest, for as long as that exist, every President will have a problem satisfying his followers.

I pity President Mahama, I don’t want to know how lonely it is to be up there, who do you trust, who do you despise, apart from of course your wife.

Like President Mills, President Mahama, is being let down by his appointees. The President has been compelled to wear a certain hat because of the actions of his appointees. It will be a very tight rope to expect the President to know all the people he appoints, that will be asking him to play God, he is a mortal being and can only rely on the good counsel and recommendations of the people to make appointments. It is very sad that whilst the President is trying so hard to meet his electoral promises and save the little money that this country has, so that development will be our heritage, some few greedy and self-seeking individuals are hell bent on tarnishing his image.

Why can’t the President have a fruitful week without allegations of complacency on the part of his appointees? It is getting scary by the week.

Apart from the alleged corrupt practices on the part of some appointees that is no longer news, others are also trying so hard to ensure that the party losses the 2016 election. I said election, because apart from the Presidential and Parliamentary seats occupied by the NDC, there are also undercurrent threats. Some Members of Parliament (MPs) are not living up to expectation at all.

The attitude of some Ministers leaves much to be desire, they are angering the rank and file of the party, and some feel others are being over fed. This unfortunate thinking is even within the media, predisposed to the government.

I don’t know who is advicing the President, I have said it before and I will reiterate it here that looking at the number of competent hands at his disposal, I am ill equipped to advice the President, but as a die- hard supporter of the President, one who will vote for him in the 2016 election, regardless of what anybody says, one who believe that this country is blessed to have him as the President, I think that I have the obligation to bring to his attention what is on the ground.

I cannot be convinced that the President is not doing well, I think he inherited so much rot that if it was some other President, this country will come to a standstill. We will have been declared as a failed State by now. He is trying his possible best, except for some few people whose actions and inactions are dragging the government into disrepute.

I know in my heart of hears that he will win the 2016 Presidential election, he will finally retire Nana Addo from active politics, but my only admonition is that Mr President, do not hesitate to weed out axis of evil and enemies of progress from your government.

The two years that is left for your Presidency, please use it to clear all the lingering doubts in the minds of supporters of the NDC.

I started this epistle with a preamble that is the reality on the ground; the little voice is talking to a lot of people which is going to give rise to apathy.

I know you have good plans for the people of the Volta Region, as well as the whole country, the news coming out of that region is not one you have to sleep over. The
Eastern Corridor Road is going to determine how well you will perform in the Northern part of the region.

Please Mr President, whatever it will take, wherever the money is kindly get it and start that road, and it should be done in record time.

Finally, your appointees must be made to know that they are in that position because you are the President, you are the President because of the NDC, people who have stuck out their neck for you and the party, should not suffer or be considered guilty because of association. They also deserve what goes to the Goose.

I have faith in you, I believe in you and I know when you finally exit in 2020, this country will be once again a shining example for Africa.

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