Is MTN Getting Congested Again?


When was the last time you made a call and got through without any hindrance? When was the last time, did you place a call to a number and was told the phone was off, only to be told later by the person you called that, he or she was on the phone at the time you were calling?

These days, the common problem, users of MTN experience is being told a number is off, when in fact that is not the case.

MTN, always pride themselves of being the number network in Ghana, their subscriber base kept increasing by months, because of our fear of the unknown. The only country, where the axiom, the devil you know is better than the angel you don’t know works, as far as deciding on which telecommunication company to deal with in Ghana.

Once a relative uses MTN, everybody in the family is compelled to also get MTN, and that has increased the need to usemore than one mobile phone.
MTN must not grow and leave their customers behind, they cannot be adding onto the numbers, without taking care of the existing customers. Their lines are getting congested and it is the reason for the anomaly customers are experiencing these days.

Nothing can be more annoying than needing someone urgently and you are told the number is off, when you had just left the person a couple of minutes ago.

Mobile phones, have become part of our daily lives, some people conduct business using their mobile phones, so when they are unable to reach people for no fault of theirs, they lose money.

Ghana Statistical Service (GSS), should be in a position to let Ghanaians know how much the country and the citizens losses as a results of the poor services telecommunication companies offer their customers.

MTN, seem to be the biggest culprits as far as taking customers for granted is concern.

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