Is Matthew Opoku Prempeh Out To Sabotage Akufo-Addo?


The recent statement by the minister of Education, Dr. Matthew Opoku Prempeh, that some unscrupulous people were contracted to cause confusion at the Black Star Square, following a process to secure placements for Junior High School (JHS) graduates, is an insult to the students and their parents, who have been looking forward to a smooth transition from JHS to Senior High School (SHS).

The minister made this comment on Tuesday, September 17, when he appeared on Asempa FM’s social political afternoon show Ekosi Sen, hosted by Osei Bonsu.

Mathew Opoku Prempeh, could be said to be acting true to type of politicians in our time, who think the only solution out of every problem is to blame your political opponents.

A leader, is one who accepts his fault and take responsibility for his short-comings. He learns from it and seeks advice, but the square peg in a round hole Mathew Opoku Prempeh, is on a slippery slope to political doom.

When he had the opportunity after the failed rolled out of the Computerized School Selection and Placement System (CSSPS), he should have just apologise to parents and their wards  and explain to them that, what happened had nothing to do with free Senior High School policy, but rather it was the system that was hacked as he claim.

But to go on a tangent, which is akin to a defeatist attitude is unbecoming of a minister of state.

Even the best laid plans fail, so no one will fault him, if his plans fail. As Ghanaians, we are entitled to answers, those answers must provide some elements of hope and assurance that, we will not find ourselves in this mess again next year.

The buck as they say stops with the president, in our opinion, Mathew Opoku Prempeh is on a mission to sabotage the president, who is the head of the government.

His deputy, Dr. Yaw Osei Adutwum , who is in charge f Basic & Secondary Education, would have handled the situation with tact and maturity.




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