Is Kwesi Pratt The New Minister Of Power?


In a panel discussion on Adom FM last Thursday, the Managing Editor of the Insight, said that the load-shedding, known in local parlance as Dumsor, will subside by December, his conviction for this pronouncement according to him, stems from the improvement in the energy crisis, which he has witnessed for some time now.

His pronouncement is a sharp contrast to that of the Minister of Power, Dr. Kwabena Donkor, who put his job on the line and told Ghanaians that, if by December the power crisis is not over, he will resign his post.

In case Kwesi Pratt is not aware, Ghanaians are not expecting the power crisis to subside in December, they want it fixed once and for all and that is why they take solace in the promise of the President, John Dramani Mahama that he intends to fix the power crisis not to manage it. The President’s call was reechoed by the Minister of Power, who also gave a deadline of December.

Kwesi Pratt, can decide not to be optimistic and will rather want a cup half empty, Ghanaians, who are ably led by John Dramani Mahama, see the cup as half full and are hopeful that as he (Kwesi) has alluded to the improvement in the provision of power, by December, we will not be faced with this crisis, it will be as we say a thing of the past.

Over the years, what we have settled for as a people from our leaders, have been nothing, but residues of what it feels like to enjoy the fruits of the natural resources God has blessed this country with. We have been told to accept half baked bread and be grateful, whiles we have what it takes to feed ourselves with full baked and well garnished bread.

When President Mahama, stepped up to the plate and offered himself up for the highest job of the land, the youth of the country rallied around him, because they saw in him as someone, who understands their plight, needs and the emerging trends in the world, that was why, overwhelmingly they voted for him.

He has not let them down, he is curing the canker inflicted upon us by our past leaders, who instead of getting to the root of our problems and solving them, just scratched the surface for political convenience. Every facet of our economy is sick from lack of sustainable actions, when something happens what our leaders do is to pay lip service and pretend to cure the problem, only for us to find ourselves back there again.

I do not know the motivation for Kwesi Pratt’s comment or what he is seeking to achieve, but what I do know is that, the President and his Minister, have both pledged to end the crisis by December and not to manage it, as Kwesi is suggesting.

We live in a country where some people, especially politicians skew political discourse to favour withtheir shallow thinking and the power crisis has been an unfortunate plague that is crippling our economy and threatening our very existence as a nation, so anybody in the position of Kwesi Pratt, will want to choose their words carefully.

Kwesi Pratt, should rather vent his anger and frustration on anybody, who will suggest that the crisis, will not end in December.

We are a country of optimist, we see good in every situation, even in our moments of stress and hopelessness, what we need to hear and read from our leaders or people in good standing in our society, should be one of hope and good news.

Kwesi Pratt, is one journalists in this country, who has the privilege of appearing on radio from Monday to Saturday, apart from running a daily newspaper, his voice is heard every day on radio and it resonates well with millions of Ghanaians, he has a Constituency and so he should stop comments like this one and inspire his listeners and followers, who are always eager to hear from him. He almost became a Member of Parliament (MP), but for the dead horse Convention Peoples Party (CPP), that he rode.

Kwesi Pratt of all people should know that; we have passed the stage of accepting this half baked prophesies from people, who do not have faith.
“I have read in between the lines that by December this year (2015), there would be some improvement in the power supply situation…,” Kwesi Pratt said.

Mr. Pratt’s assessment is that, there will be improvement; this conclusion is a far cry from what the President and his Minister have assured Ghanaians and what Ghanaians expect.

Fortunately for Ghanaians, the last time I checked, Kwesi Pratt is still the Managing Editor of Insight and not the Minister of Power, so he can say all that he thinks, we do not care.

What incensed me, was his prediction, which of our power installations has he visited, which agreement did the government signed to add some megawatts of energy that Mr Pratt was part? He cannot continue to buy favour with statements such as this.

The world is far ahead of socialist ideas, an idea which had a lot of impact in times past, but in the 21st century, socialism has no place among nations, Kwesi must embrace capitalism and answer to it demands.

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