Is Kweku Baako Mocking The CPP?


Don’t you just love the man, after months of being away on holiday; he makes a triumphant and predictable entry.

You might disagree with his politics, but you cannot take away his cunning nature. This is someone, who can insult you, mock you and still make it look like he is praising you.

Like him, I also weep for the Convention Peoples Party CPP), a party that founded this country. A once vibrant and well organized party is struggling to reinvent itself after the overthrow of its founder and our first President, Dr. Kwame Nkrumah.

Last week, I wrote an article captioned, “What CPP Needs is Not Change But Continuity”. In my estimation, unlike the other more formidable political parties, the CPP has changed its flagbearer at the turn of every election since 1992, when the country ushered in the fourth republican dispensation and that has never gone well for the party.

The party does not need to commission any researcher to tell them why the party, has been recording low results in elections.

Most people in Ghana, are born Nkrumahist, but have had to convert to join other political parties, because the CPP is not inspiring enough to attract and retain the people who have the party at heart.

Abdul Malik Kweku Baako Jnr. Is one such example, he has since the early 2000, found solace in the New Patriotic Party (NPP). This fact he no longer hides, I remember him during the days of ex-President John Agyekum Kufuor, when his allegiance to the CPP was questioned, his response was, he was a pragmatic supporter of the NPP.

Whatever a pragmatic supporter means, I am sure one day, he would have the opportunity to explain to us.

Mr. Baako, returned from the United States of America (USA), only to chide a political party that made his father a Minister of State. He has refused to take part in any activities of the party, because of divergent opinions on the way the party should go to remain relevant and make some impact in the political space.

Mr. Baako, has always insisted that, the party should not contest in the presidential race, but rather concentrate on the parliamentary race, by winning more seats to build the grassroots of the party.

Others disagree and that was enough reason for Mr. Baako to stay away from all the activities of the party.

On Saturday, January 30, the party held its national delegate congress at the Trade Fair to elect a presidential candidate, after voting and counting, Ivor Greenstreet, who was the former General Secretary, beat his closest rival and one many had tipped to win, Samia Yaba Nkrumah, who was also a former National Chairman.

Whilst congratulating the party and its Presidential candidate, Ivor Greenstreet, he said, he does not want “a “source of irritation and distraction” to the party, a tacit admission that, over the years he has undermined the progress of the party.

Hear him on PeaceFM’s ‘Kokrokoo’ show, “”they can concentrate on what they think best to fit the party in terms of strategy and vision, and mission and the things they outlined. People like us and especially me, I believe I lost the debate and also lost the vote in terms of what the party should do in the circumstances in which it finds itself especially within the 4th Republican democratic system”

He continued ominously that “I have taken very conscious decision that I will no longer do things that can divert the focus of the party and their majority in terms of their wisdom to decide that this party is ready to compete in the Presidential race. And that they can make an impact, in fact, some even think they can win.”

If I didn’t know better, I would say Mr. Baako is mocking the party and its flagbearer, but I don’t think if I do, I will be disappointing myself.
How he ended his submission leaves much to be desired, one would have expected that, Mr. Baako, would defend the CPP to a fault, but unfortunately the party only exist in his mouth and no longer his heart.

I admire him for not being a hypocrite, he does not bury his head in the sand and pretend all is well with the CPP, but it is clear that, he was part of the decimation of the party and so must be a solution to bringing unity into the party.

Mr. Baako, has a voice, he has a platform, he has a following and can marshal all this to the benefit of the CPP, yet he said he will “no longer do things that can divert the focus of the party”.

What is it that he did in the past to derail the party from its focus?

There is reasonable basis to infer that Kweku Baako’s commentary is intended to blackmail the party and reverse the widely applauded January 30 congress, which ushered in a fresh candidate, who looks set to deliver the party from the years of non-performance.

The task ahead for Mr. Baako and his like is to stop speaking for other political parties and begin promoting the interest of the CPP.

In conclusion, I would give it to him; he is smart, shrewd and a politician par excellence.

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