Is Kofi Adams The Director Of Communications Of NDC?


Let me begin this article from the end, I believe that, Kofi Adams at this time is what the National Democratic need, but is he not abdicating his responsibilities as a national organizer?

He is arguably one of the best things that came out of the Kumasi congress of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), when party faithful met to decide the future of the party.

Before his elevation from the position of a deputy General Secretary, Kofi Adams, was working in the shadows, because he doubled as the Spokesperson of the former President, Jerry John Rawlings, a work he combined excellently, but not until his loyalty to the NDC, was questioned due to the insatiable and unbridled ambition of our former first lady, Nana Konadu Agyeman Rawlings.

I do not envy his job and position at all, I have had time without number to ask myself, whether the National Organizer of the NDC, is not talking too much. My curiosity is borne out of the experience of the past, regarding past organizers and in the true meaning of the work of a national organizer.

Prior to him taking the centre stage of the party, Asiedu Nketia, alias General Mosquito, the General Secretary of the NDC, was the be-it and end-it-all of the party. He was the most visible and the most vocal person in the party, but the ground is shifting under his feet, moving towards Kofi Adams.

Kofi Adams, I can say without a shadow of doubt is not only the most credible mouthpiece of the party, but that of the government, he is outperforming and outclassing government communications team members, that is if there exists something like that.

This man four years ago, was the most hatred, vilified and cursed person in the party, his rise from the rubbles was a miracle. It took the demise of Prof. John Evans Atta Mills, to restore him to his original status.

Today, he is the mouthpiece of the party, and that worries me.

According to Wikipedia, a party organizer or local party organizer, is a position in some political parties in charge of the establishing a party organization in a certain locality.

The duties of a party organizer, is to revive existing local political organizations throughout the constituencies, to assist their members by correspondence and occasional visits, and, where there is as yet no political club, to gather together the sympathetic, and aid in forming a working combination. The main objective of the party organizer is to create the machinery whereby a truly representative convention may be convened, and acceptable candidate chosen, and the organization for securing success at the polls brought into being.

Political parties in government all over the world, especially in Africa, at the turn of every election, suffer apathy on the part of their supporters.

We saw the NPP suffer that fate in 2008, where in Asante Region, their stronghold voters stayed away from the polls.

Supporters of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), can bury their heads in the sand, but I am not about to do that, the party could have suffered similar fate like the NPP in 2008, had President John Evans Atta Mills, had led the party into the 2012 polls.

His demise and the emergence of President John Dramani Mahama, gave the party a certain hope, awoken it sleeping army, who were of the view that, post 2012 election, will be different.

But as it is said, let those who have ears hear, they is so much despondency among the rank and file of the party. The apathy that awaits the party, if nothing is done and fast, especially in the Volta Region, will be disastrous.

This is the time the National Organizer is called to action; he must do more leg work than talking on radio. On a daily basis these days, he is always heard on radio, responding to some of the baseless allegations from the New Patriotic Party, sometimes on issues, one will think should have been answered by someone in the executive, because it borders on governance and the day to day running of the country.

My worry stems from the fact that, the National Chairman, Kofi Portuphy, who won the contest beating competition from Dr. Kwabena Adjei and Dan Abodapki, has been a pale shadow of himself.

He has fizzled out of the political limelight, he is not talking, unless of course he has traded places with the National Organizer and now doing the work Kofi Adams, is expected to be doing.

I have learnt long time ago that, opposition do not win elections, but rather parties in government losses election. My observation and participation, has confirmed that saying.

Why? Because when you are in power, you are expected to do more than your opponent. You must master the balancing act of governance and campaigning. The opposition, have a luxury that you do not have, and you are always called upon to fend off one accusation or another.

The President is working hard; he is extending his agenda of transformation to every nook and cranny of the country, but the people are limited in their understanding of development.

The President, unfortunately is trying to solve a 21st Century problem with 10th Century solution, that is building and expanding infrastructure, which should have been done long time ago. Ghanaians, don’t have the patience, because of lack of understanding, someone must be out there telling them about the importance of infrastructure in the 21st century. We are woed by the United States of America (USA), Great Britain and the other developed nations, because of how far they have come as far as infrastructural development is concern.

Kofi Adams, must be on the ground, he must be in the villages, in the towns, convincing, encouraging, educating and more importantly mobilizing NDC faithful.

If someone is not doing their job for which reason, Kofi Adams, must always be on air, something must be done about them.

It is time to start the most important work, i.e. the leg work

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