Is Kennedy Agyapong The President Of Ghana?


Permit me to begin this article from the end; Kennedy Agyapong, is also totally devoid of the elementary requirements of good manners.

History says that leaders, who behave like Kennedy Agyapong, are the ones who run and hide in the woods until the dust settles.

The Constitution of Ghana has vested so much power in the hands of the president to the envy of others, whiles in office the president is invincible, out of power he or she is covered with the power of immunity.

He is the only person who can hire and fire, without providing any reason, he cause the arrest and release of any citizen he so desires.

We have never had two presidents in this country, as it is playing out in Venezuela, except now. We have president Akufo-Addo, whom we elected and is acting on the sovereign will of the people, and president Kennedy Ohene Agyapong, who has been made president by the president we elected.

He has called the bluff of everyone in this country; he has insulted and incited violence against individuals, political parties and even tribes.

His tantrums has seen the sacking of appointees and the appointments of others. Although the Constitution, which gives powers to the president and is the embodiment of who we are and aspire to be, Ken’s powers is derived from his bravado and ranting.

Ken Agyapong, represents everything wrong with our democracy, he is a nuisance with zero value and the fact that, he does not know this, surprises me.

Ken is a man, who lacks shame, a compulsive liar devoid of self-respect. He thinks by being rich, he can say and do, as he pleases.

Someone has died in a manner unexpected; you are the first person to expose him to the rest of the world, when you showed his face on Television. You did not stop there, you ask that, he should be beaten anywhere he is seen, especially on the premises of Oman FM and Net 2 television.

Let us assume Kennedy Agyapong, was not involved in the dastardly act that ended the life of Ahmed Hussein Suale, but he cannot absolve himself of the crime, because it started with him, he puts the target on the young man’s back.

The family of Ahmed Suale, are still reeling in shock, they still cannot believe that they have lost a husband, father, brother or son in such a manner.

The best Ken could do for them, is to show remorse, sympathise with them and promise to help arrest the assailants, but to go on attacking spree and calling the bluff of the police, hallmark of poor breeding.

Nobody expects their leaders to be saints or even clerics, but there are minimum acceptable standards of morality for anybody who would lead.

Kennedy Agyapong is Member of Parliament (MP) and a lot is expected of him, he is a role model and a mentor, what he says and does influence a lot of people.

When he speaks as if, he owns the world and everyone in it, he should remember that, only empty barrels, they say make the most noise.

Bill Gate is the richest man on earth, the only time you hear of him is, when he is advancing the course of humanity.

The amount of money he gives away through his charity, is more than the total worth of Kennedy Agyapong, yet he does not beat his chest, as though America or the world is under his feet.

Wealth is supposed to make one humble, because you didn’t acquire it through your strength, hard work or wisdom, you are not the most sensible, hardworking person on earth, but it was by God’s plan.

All the allegations he has leveled against everyone in this country, he has committed enough of these high crimes against this country to last several life times.

Were criminals punished in this country, there would be no way former Kennedy Agyapong, would still be walking free, pontificating and accusing people of committing one crime or another.

Ken is profoundly evil and black-hearted

The man suffers from a superiority complex which requires psychiatric treatment. He thinks he is the most important person in Ghana but in reality, he is nothing.

He is simply a man who completely lacks shame, a compulsive liar devoid of self-respect.

Ken didn’t just become such a bad specimen of a human being, his encounter with the managing editor of Dispatch at the Kotoka International Airport (KIA), was the time as a country, we should have pulled the brakes on him and prune his feathers, but we allowed him to grow his wings and now he is out of control.

Ken lives a lie. Lying is simply a sport for him.

He went on BBC not only to make a mess of himself but the nation, when given a world platform, instead telling his side of the story, he went ballistic, throwing tantrums and as usual making claims of things, he knows nothing about.

He accused Anas Armeyaw Anas of being the brain behind the murder of Ahmed Suale, he claim he has evidence to that effect and in the coming days, he will be serializing it.

This has been his modus operandi or saving grace, anytime he is pushed to the wall, he will start making wild claims of having evidence, after showing his documentary against Anas, he promised another showdown, it has been more than four months, we are still waiting for part two.

When he was pushed by the interviewer to make his evidence available to the police, the lying Ken, said he does not trust the police.  This is a prove of his corrupt personality.

I can credit president Kennedy Agyapong for one thing, he has succeeded, albeit negative to keep the memory of Ahmed Suale alive.

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