Is It Time To Listen To ECG Workers?


Isn’t it interesting that, although some of the concerns being raised by workers of the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG), are legitimate, ordinary Ghanaians and consumers seem not to bother about them, because for all these years, they never seemed to care about the consumer
The moral lesson in all of the happenings at the state power distributor is that, don’t abuse your privilege.

When they declared their one week strike, the cry of their customers was not that, the government should listen to them and address their concerns, but rather an appeal for them to call off the strike and come and attend to them.

For too long, ECG, has served its customers a raw deal, and so it was a welcome news when the government decided to diversify some aspect of their operations to the private sector.

The decision is not a pleasant one for government, as ECG, is one of the biggest and strategic assets this country has.

Unlike the sale or divestiture of some institutions of state received massive outpouring of public support, the ECG, unfortunately has not.

When the erstwhile administration of President John Agyekum Kufuor, proposed the idea of selling Ghana Commercial Bank, ordinary Ghanaians, poured out onto the streets in their numbers to kick against any such move, forcing the then government to rescind the decision.

If the ECG, has been managed right and the customers satisfied with service delivery, we are more than convinced that, Ghanaians from all walks for life, would stand in solidarity with the workers.

What is happening to ECG, is a wakeup call to all state owned enterprises, which feel they are untouchable and have been treating customers badly.

One day, when the government and the people have had enough of them and is putting them up for sale, no one will raise a finger or voice in their defense.

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