Is It Possible For Sidi Abubakar To Step-Down For John Dumelo?


Here’s a riddle to ponder: At the end of the end of the proceedings in court, the judge will rule that, the National Executive Committee of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) acted lawfully by consenting to the recommendations of the Disciplinary Committee to remove the duly elected Youth Organizer of the party from office.

It is no longer secret that, the Youth Organiser of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), Sidi Abubakar, is a non-starter, in comparison to his counterpart of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), Sammy Awuku, who is more vibrant, more visible and a rallying force for the youth of his party.

I would not fault the youth organizers of the Peoples National Convention (PNC) and the Convention People’s Party (CPP), because those political parties are made up of members, who are competing with each other over age, the average age in those parties is 45 years and in no time those parties, will cease to exist.

The NDC, has a broad base of young men and women, who need a general to command them, to inspire and rally them to work their hearts out to ensure a resounding victory for President John Dramani Mahama.

Never in the history of the party, has the youth organizer, failed to shine and fly after he was elected, than it is happening now. His wings were clipped after he was declared victor at the Kumasi congress.

It is always easy when walking in someone’s shadow; his campaign was spearheaded by young men and women, who had a lot to offer, they were all hungry for success, it would have been humiliating had he lost again to Ludwig Hlodze, who by all account handed victory to Sidi Abubakar.

In the run-up to the congress, I told friends that, Ludwig, will lose the election; it is not that Sidi is going to defeat him, because he was also himself a disaster of a youth organizer.

Sidi Abubakar, was seen as the fresh limb, a good start to make the party attractive again to the youth, to relive the days of Haruna Iddrisu, who brought a lot of finesse and seriousness to the office.

A little survey across the country about the youth organizers of the various political parties and the results will show that, not many people know the youth organizer of the NDC. Sammy Awuku, is going to come up tops, because he is everywhere and is heard almost on a daily basis on numerous platforms, especially in the media.

The work of a youth organizer in 2016 is different from it used to be 10 years ago, the interest of the youth in politics today is not as high and involving as it used to be. Young men and women today, don’t have time for politics, they occupy themselves with other things, other than politics and so to reach them, you do not use yesterday’s strategy, but adopt today’s strategy.

Everybody, uses the media, either traditional or social media, John Dumelo is everywhere and is talked about because he employs the media to propagate the message of the National Democratic Congress and President, John Dramani Mahama.

The NPP will organize a press conference and issue a press statement to attack John Dumelo, yet the youth organizer of the NDC, is never mentioned by the NPP, not even ones, since she took the oath of office.

It is an indictment on him and a verdict on his performance which is abysmal.

The argument in his favour is that, he is not someone, who believes in talking, and that he is a field marshal and so would rather do filed work. In as much as that argument is valid, I think he is using the wrong tactics to reach his target audience.

The youth are more interested in the media than anything, they can be reached via the media in greater numbers, than trying to organize them, apart from visiting our tertiary institutions to interact with them, which most often students shy away from attending, except when the person visiting has charisma or they stand to gain by coming to listen to the person.

W e have more than necessary radio and television stations in the country, I am yet to hear Sidi speak on any of them, I am yet to hear him organize a press conference or issue a press statement to address the concerns of the youth or take on the NPP.

It is disheartening not seeing him taking his right of place and commanding his troops to action. Majority of voters in this country are the youth, as I mentioned earlier on, anybody, who has ever taking part in students politics, will tell you the frustration involve in organizing students.

You need to understand how they think, before you can engage them, else you will give up. Some issues that, you think is important, does not appeal to them, so with the advent of the media, both traditional and social, one can reach them, with little personal contact.

Sidi Abubakar, need to revise his notes, he need the people, who helped him defeat Ludwig with him to execute the 2016 campaign, if he is not able to express himself well, they can, if he does not have charisma, they have and together a resounding victory can be delivered as happened in 2012.

The NDC is made up fearless men and women, young men and women of character, who can match up to anybody, how you use them, will determine the outcome, the youth organizer must reach out to them and stop hiding in the shadows.

President Mahama’s rise and success, has galvanized a lot of people and attracted people, who hitherto sat on the sidelines for fear of being insulted and tagged.

It is rather sad but necessary that, at the campaign launch a fortnight ago in the Central regional capital, Cape Coast, John Dumelo was given the opportunity to address those who gathered there, instead of the youth organizer. That alone was enough to let the youth organizer sit up and begin
to function properly.

In conclusion, I think when next the NDC, is going to elect National Executives, John Dumelo, should consider putting himself up for the youth organizer position, it will be a stepping stone for reaching the ultimate, which he has his eyes on.

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