Is Hassan Ayariga Hungry?


I do not see the difference between Hassan Ayariga and Madam Akua Donkor, except one, comes from a rich political background, as the People’s National Convention.

When leadership creates vacuum, a lot of people, who ordinarily are designed to be followers take advantage and fill it.

Politics, is about the lives of people, it requires the best of the best to go into it, because one single wrong decision, could destroy a nation.

In Ghana, it is rather the reverse, politics, has been left to those who can shout the loudest and creates controversy, which the media loves, they often feed on the emotions of the people and when they joke and we laugh at them, because they come into the limelight, they think they are making sense and are loved.

One example is Hassan Ayariga, who loves to talk in his desire to pontificate on national issues, but he is hardly pinned to any uplifting and ennobling principle both in his talks and practice of politics.

He was onetime, a presidential candidate of the People’s National Convention (PNC), when he made a mockery of himself and the party and was heavily criticized by members of PNC, he resigned to go and form a political party that, is only alive because he himself is active.

My focus in this article, however, is not on the multi-faced politics and personality of Hassan Ayariga. I am rather focused on his recent press conference, which I thought he was not the right person to point to Ghanaians, who are already aware of the abysmal performance of this government.

I laughed cynically when I heard Hassan Ayariga, say at the press conference that, the free SHS policy, has led to the increase in teenage pregnancies among female senior high school students in the country.

If Hassan Ayariga is as smart and intelligent as he wants Ghanaians to believe, he will not engage in this pedestrian talk.

How can Ghana move forward, when we are hamstrung by people like this, who are hell bent on perpetuating their ignorance on innocent Ghanaians.

Politics in this country is no longer about service, it is now an enterprise and the likes of Hassan Ayariga, have perfected it.

How does he wants to be remembered, as a serious politician or someone, who made us laugh in the midst of hardship.

To be relevant in this country and get favour from the governing party, is to criticize them, throw everything at them and wait for a call from the powers that be. That call could be coming from the party in power or from the opposition who have some money to throw around.

Most often governments sponsor people to go after their opponents, you need to be loud, say foolish things and you will be smiling to the bank.

Hassan Ayariga, has found the key and occasionally when he is realizing things are going tough for him, he will unlock one code, this press conference is not different from that.

Only a month ago, a statement came from his office, dismissing all the executives of the All People’s Congress (APC).

What is the source of the inexplicable reason for this except a show of power and not subjecting oneself to the same principles and yardstick, he wants to hold others to.

Hassan Ayariga is turning out to be a woodpecker feeding on the pantry of the poor, but found a way to avoid having boils in his mouth.

The same mouth you are now using to insult others for something you could possibly not dream of doing, should rather be used to proffer alternative solutions to the problems confronting this country.

I am of the opinion that, the provision of free SHS is not necessary, I have written copiously and on countless occasions, stating reasons why I do not think Ghana is ready for free SHS.

Education cannot be free, if we want quality, the financial burden is too much for the government to bear and so I would have agreed with Hassan Ayariga, had he stated the obvious, rather than claiming free SHS, is leading to increase in teenage pregnancy.

The policy is barely four months, if he had made this statement after a year or two, we could subject it to critical analysis, but to make a sweeping statement without any evidence, is unbecoming of an adult, who has children, who see him as their role model.

We are all witnesses to the challenges associated with the hurriedly implemented policy,   for Ghanaians to take him serious, he should have just limited himself to what is out there, instead of this teenage pregnancy issue.

If Hassan Ayariga, is as smart and intelligent as he wants Ghanaians to believe, then he should begin to see politics not as a matter of survival for him, but about the life of millions of Ghanaians.

Hassan Ayariga’s mere presence in Ghanaian politics only reminds us of how far behind we are as a nation.

He used the press conference to remind the powers that be that, if they have forgotten about him, he is still around and is going hungry.

We are getting sick and tired of political neophytes wanting to dictate to us, how the country should be run, people who do not, have the temperate to stand criticisms. How did he resign from the People’s National Convention, the party that gave him his first political teeth, from obscurity, he was made to lead a party that was once, spearheaded by a former president of Ghana, Dr. Hilla Limann.

It is time for Hassan Ayariga to retire from public life, the shame and mockery is becoming too much, if he is hungry too, he should not feel ashamed to let Ghanaians know, we will appeal for funds for him.

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