Is George Mensah Okley Equaling Alfred Obeng Boateng’s Bad Record At BOST?

The controversy that trailed the tenure of the former Managing Director (MD) of the Bulk Oil Storage and Transport (BOST), Alfred Obeng Boateng, which led to the state losing millions of Ghana Cedis, is yet to abate, even with the appointment of a new MD.

At the peak of the crisis created by an inexperienced manager, was the allegation by the Chamber of Petroleum Consumers (COPEC) that Ghana lost about GHc23 million in revenue, when 1.8 million barrels of crude oil was sold at a discount to an unlicensed company.

As the first person to court controversy for the government in the sale of  contaminated fuel to some oil marketing companies, it came as no surprise that, the first axe to fall on the appointees of president Akufo-Addo, Alfred Obeng, was top of the list.

Curiously, in our view, the same chequered path that led Mr Obeng to the slaughter house is being pursued by his successor.

Just when BOST and the nation were absorbing the mess created by Alfred Obeng and coming to terms with his tenure, the new MD, Mr George Mensah Okley, has begun a new sordid record of his own.

The president, cannot continue to behave as though corruption among his appointees is normal. The same favoritism that has categories his tenure, is finding expression in almost all state institutions.

Mr Okley, has been accused by workers of BOST of abusing his limited powers.

According to the petition, since his appointment, the MD, has approved wasteful expenditure and travels for his trusted friends, and had threaten staff who question his actions. They also claimed that, he employed several of his cronies, including two girlfriends rewarding them with undeserving promotions.

The damning petition captioned “Urgent issues threatening the existence of BOST and staff” dated March 19, 2019, mentioned the names of the two alleged girlfriends of the MD as; Precious Aboagyewaa Atakora Bonsra and Frema Nyanor.

The same episode is playing out with Mr Okley, as happened under Mr Obeng, the unionized workers, have jumped to his defence, describing him, as a hardworking and result-driven individual.

In our opinion, the rebuttal from the unionized staff is hasty in the circumstance. We, therefore, suggest that they should learn to put the interest of the institution they work for first, rather than this personality cult they seem to form around their MDs.


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