Is Franklin Cudjoe Now A Fashionista?


In his exalted spirit, the Jack of all trade and master of none, Mr Know-it-all, President of IMANI Ghana, Franklin Cudjoe, has join the fray of infantile minds, who have nothing to do with their time, but engage in frivolities that do not advance our course.

Franklin Cudjoe, has become renowned for his penchant for the outrageous views. He demonstrates the absurdity by being absurd, when he decided that the best way to take the heat coming from ordinary Ghanaians, who are questioning his claims of achievements and academic qualifications in his Curriculum Vitae, he wrote himself, was to comment on the winter jacket The General Secretary of the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC), Johnson Asiedu Nketia, wore in Germany on a trip with President John Dramani Mahama and other dignitaries.

We are all good at one thing or another, nobody in this world can claim to know everything that is why we have specialization.

Franklin Cudjoe, through IMANI Ghana, have had reason to engage himself needlessly on issues that does not inure to the benefit of anybody.

I could pardon the former General Secretary of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), Kwadwo Owusu Afriyie, alias Sir John, who commenting on Asiedu Nketia’s winter jacket said that Mahama’s NDC Gov’t Is As Confused As Asiedu Nketia In A “Lady’s Winter Coat”, why that man ceases to amaze me, is something I cannot fathom. Anytime he opens his mouth, he makes mockery of his party and his persona, what on earth, did his people see in him to have given him such a monumental task of being a General Secretary.

Franklin Cudjoe, is consistently and shamelessly becoming a man who doesn’t shift his brain into gear before putting his mouth into motion, to him, easy applause in front of credulous audience is everything. He also takes to facebook, when he is not on radio to discredit everybody and everything that has any inkling to the current government. The man is entitle to his opinion and can express it anyway and anyhow he deems fit, but his intolerant level is so high that anybody, who takes him on, his facebook wall, he deletes the person, is what worries me.

He has been engaging in a battle of words in the last few weeks with members of the National Democratic Congress, including some Ministers of State for his Mr know-it-all utterances. His academic qualifications have been called to question, because as our elders say, when you stoop to look at somebody’s buttocks, remember someone is looking at yours.

Whiles the banter continued unabated, Franklin Cudjoe took to facebook, where he always takes solace in , to commend Asiedu Nketia, saying he was the most sensible person in the NDC, for having recognized and appreciated the work he and his IMANI ilk are doing.

In this day and age, where citizens of other countries, have found better use of technology to help shape the course of humanity, degenerates like Franklin Cudjoe, see it as a means to run down opponents. A day never passes, when the man will not sit behind his computer to write negative things about somebody. It is said that if the only tool you have is a hammer, you see every problem as a nail. Franklin Cudjoe is full of negativity, he does not see the strives this government is making to bring relief to the millions, who have hope for a better tomorrow.

Two days ago, it was on pension, yesterday it was on the economy, today it was about ghost names and the payroll, and now Asiedu Nketia, what are we to expect from him next.

Is it that he is so idle that even issues that are peripheral engages his attention?

How well does Franklin Cudjoe dresses to want to mock someone. How could what Asiedu Nketia wore cause him global shame.

Franklin Cudjoe, has never shown any signs of being a serious or thoughtful or earnest guy. He’s a degenerate rodeo clown – a toxic provocateur.

To regard Franklin Cudjoe’s pieces of craps, would be to run the risk of a discourse that would never again rise above the excremental, I wish I didn’t have to write this.

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