Is Dr. Arthur Kennedy Dirtying Himself Or Saving The NPP?


I am beginning to suspect the good doctor, Dr. Kobina Arthur Kennedy, is not bothered at least by the unwholesome legacy he is living in his wake, as he embarks on his one man crusade to destroy his perceived enemies through his incessant writings.

Once a politician, always a politician, he should bear that in mind, as he embarks on his journey of no return.

Words are more powerful than any weapon ever built by mankind; words either make or break us, and I have learnt this in my young sojourn on earth. I am wondering if the good doctor has not, because he is digging a hole deeper than he could come out of.

He has more than once come out of his self impose exile to unleash offensives on the sensibilities of discerning and right thinking Ghanaians.
Anytime he emerges from whatever rock he has decided to hide under, he sounds meaner than before, and his party’s flagbearer, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, has come under his sharp knife than anybody, it is beginning to look and sound like some jealousy.

Beyond the sarcasm and envy, all I see mostly in his write-ups is the shallowness and the vendetta contained in them, he is firing his salvos from the United States of America (USA), when he should be in Ghana to do that.

As a man of principle and conviction, he could help his course, if he relocates to Ghana, to join citizen vigilante, Martin Alamisi Amidu, in his crusade to expose corruption in our society.

It is simply mind-numbing, why the media is fixated on the ramblings of a bitter doctor, whose calling is in the consulting room, but not on the playing field of politics, where the good doctor is dirtying himself.

I do not fault him, because dirty politics sells in this country, all you need is target one leader or elder in society, who have sacrificed and have not abandoned this country, as the good doctor has always done at the least threat to his life and your story will hit the front pages of newspapers every morning or criticize someone of good standing and like Usain Bolt, you are up there without any sweat.

And so all Dr. Arthur Kennedy, has to do is attack President, John Dramani Mahama and his government or especially his nemesis, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, and the headlines will be screaming.

It is about time, this attack-bear, is told the truth, this country needs courageous men, who do not pack bag and baggage and with their tails in between their legs run out of this country and be sitting in the comfort of other countries, made possible by the sacrifices of the noble men and women of those countries, as the good doctor is doing and writing big English and long senseless and useless epistle telling us what we need to do.

It is said that, when you want something done, you do it yourself. It is clear that Dr. Arthur Kennedy, desire changes in his party, he desire changes in this country, yet he is not ready to roll up his sleeves and join in the fight for change.

He must come down and face his fears; he must not behave like a coward that he is and be sending us love letters every week, we are getting sick and tired of them.

His inordinate penchant for overseas letters might well represent symptoms of frustration. This same man pontificating about leadership garnered only a single vote after putting himself up to represent the NPP as its flagbearer in 2007, if winning an election or running a country was that easy, his story would have been different today.

I fear that, Dr. Arthur KobIna Kennedy’s spiraling letters is dictated by the Fight-or-Flight dynamic. Animals tend to have two mutually exclusive reactions to any palpable problem or threat in their surroundings. They would stay rooted and confront the trouble: Or they would flee.
Arthur Kennedy’s flights seem to be dictated by the Flight option. And that’s a defeatist resort.

To me, he is nothing but a coward, who is hiding behind his friends in the media or a certain Fante confederacy to unleash terror on his adversaries.

Arthur Kennedy, has been more of a whiner than a performer. He is either lamenting about how bad the country is being govern or what is happening in the NPP, most especially with the suspension of the National Chairman, Paul Afoko. The man is now more Ghanaian, than those of us here.
He finds it easier to agonize, than to engender the paradigm of change he desires to see happen, come home doctor.

I used to admire him immensely; he is a rare breed of politician, who does not believe in acrimonious politics, he was issue-centered and could win the hearts and minds righting thinking individuals, until after the 2008 elections, when he wrote his famous “Chasing the Elephant Into The Bush” book.

That book and the episodes that followed released the animal in the good doctor. Truth be told, today some of us think that, Martin Amidu, the citizen vigilante, is becoming a nuisance because although I share in his crusade, I think that, certain information were available to him, as a result of the privilege position he serve in government, must be kept secret.

If it is the case that, every Minister, from the days of Dr. Kwame Nkrumah till date wants to open their mouth and start talking, I do not think there will be any country call Ghana again.

The good Doctor was then the communication director of the campaign and so naturally people will be offended by some of the things he wrote in the book, but as a critic, he was himself afraid of criticism.

The good Doctor, have not been fair to his political party, the party that short him to prominence after taking to his heels in the eighties as the president of National Union of Ghana Students (NUGS).

The good Doctor is an exceptional writer; his writings should be well directed, else he will soon be thrown into the dustbin of history.

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