Is Donald Trump A Threat To America’s Democracy?


With his confirmation as the Presidential candidate of the Republican Party in its recently concluded convention in Cleveland, Ohio, the question on
the lips of many who are interested in the politics of the United States of America is: Is Donald Trump a threat to America’s democracy?

True, Ghanaians, will not vote in the November presidential poll in America, because it is purely the business of Americans to elect a leader for their country.

However, Ghanaians and a sizeable part of the international community, are concerned and keenly watching to see who will be chosen as the next president of America between the Republican Party candidate, Donald Trump and his Democratic Party opponent, Hillary Clinton. And this is essentially so, because of the unique position that America, occupies in the world in the prevailing uni-polar power structure.

Since joining the presidential race last year, Trump, has left no one in doubt about the fact that he is an enigmatic fellow.

Among the many controversial jibes of the presidential candidate is his promise to build a wall between the State of Texas and Mexico to check the influx of Mexican immigrants into the US.

He has promised to ban Muslims from countries compromised by terrorism from entering America, just as he pledged to reshuffle America’s alliance with the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) members.

His recent complimentary remarks for the Russian President, Vladmir Putin, America’s major rival in international politics is trending in the US media circles raising concerns about his mental stability.

The reason for this is not far-fetched. Americans guard their politics jealously and resent any inkling of outside interference especially from Russia.

Trump has repeatedly shown that he is a man of high temperament. He has, on many occasions, launched verbal attacks against journalists and media practitioners. Some of his pre-nomination rallies, resulted to physical attacks on the crowd gathered to hear him address real issues that are of interest to them.

In the view of The Herald, a Trump as President of the US is, as has been aptly described, a loose cannon that poses great danger to world peace, if not the very survival of the world’s super power.

For a country with enormous nuclear arsenal-war heads, inter-continental ballistic missiles and other sophisticated weapons of mass destruction all under the control of the office he is vying for, a man with such perceived high temperament like Trump as President might, at the slightest provocation attempt to deliver to the world a nuclear bomb. And that would be catastrophic for mankind. In a similar vein, Trump’s proposed policies that stand poignantly against core American values, might be all that is needed to ignite an implosion that could bring America to its knees. God forbid.

For all these reasons, therefore, our stand is that Americans, would be courting disaster should they vote for Trump, when the country goes to the polls in November to elect a new leader.

Donald Trump, may have made some success of his business deals, but he does not appear good to make success of his politics, regardless of his surprising emergence as the GOP candidate.

Americans can save themselves and, indeed, the world all the danger that lies in the horizon by decisively rejecting him at the polls.

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