Is Alan Kyerematen Carrying Kufour’s Cross?


It is said that he who fight and runs away lives to fight another day, and it is only a fool who enters into a contest; he very much knows that he does not stand a chance.

After the Super Delegate’s Congress of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), last Sunday, it is now clearer more than ever that Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, will be the first Presidential candidate of any political party going into the 2016 election.

Since Alan Kwawdo Kyeremanten made his first attempt in 2007 to lead the NPP, his political fortunes like Nana Addo have been dwindling. In 2010, he made a poor showing at his second attempt and the just organized Super Delegates Congress was the final nail on his political coffin.

But the man who sees things differently from all of us is still optimistic of leading the NPP into the 2016 general elections, his hope is that the over 140,000 delegates who will be voting in the October 18, delegates congress, will give him the nod, how ridiculous that sound.

I have stated in many of my write-ups that Alan Kyeremanten, is the opportunity NPP missed, perhaps he could have given them victory in both the 2008 and 2012 elections. I still and do believe that on hindsight he was the right man for the party, but Mr Kyeremanten, you have come to the end of the road of your political career and it is time to be a man and accept defeat.

The mood of the party is Nana Addo, why not, every right thinking group of people will not trust and have faith in someone, who has led them to two successive defeats that he can be third time lucky.

Our late President, John Evans Atta Mills, won in 2008 after his third attempt and so it is only natural that members of the NPP will also think that Nana Addo is their surest bet to winning the 2016 elections. Whether that is a good decision is something Ghanaians will decide come December 7, 2016.

I am one of the few, who expected Alan Kwadwo Kyeremanten to do well in the Super Delegate’s Congress, even first timers like Addai Nimo and Joe Ghartey in my estimation performed better than Alan. My biggest disappointment after the votes were counted was Dr. Konadu Apraku and my own candidate, Alan Kwadwo Kyeremanten.

These two gentlemen have both contested more than once, as for Dr. Apraku the least said about him the better. Having served in various capacities both in the party and in government, one expected that the two gentlemen will have had loyalists in the party, who will want to see them lead the party, especially at a time party needed leadership.

The lessons are clear for everybody who is also nurturing any ambition of becoming President or candidate in the two major political parties, and i.e. loyalty is more important than patronage.

In 2007, Alan bought his way because he had the blessing and support of former President John Agyekum Kufuor, who victimized everybody who did not support his candidate. District Chief Executive Officers (DCEs), were sacked for failing to support Alan, Ministers etc, also had their fair share of Kufuor’s wrath for not endorsing his candidate.

I believe that it is the cross of Kufuor that Alan is carrying; his crime is that he had the endorsement of Kufuor, so he did not get the opportunity to assess his own strength in the party.

Looking into the crystal ball, I do not think Alan can even beat Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia, when Nana Addo does exit from any future race.
Dr. Bawumia is next popular person in the party after Nana Addo and his performance at the Supreme Court during the Election Petition has earned him the admiration and love of the NPP faithful. Alan missed the opportunity, when he contested Nana Addo in 2010 and his audacious attempt this time around to still want to contest him, knowing full well that he will not win.

I thought that after the Super Delegates’ congress and going by the numbers, Alan will be magnanimous enough to say that he tested the waters, but the voice of the people is calling for Nana Add.

He has indicated that he will contest the October 18 national delegates’ election; I am at a loss as to how he thinks and what exactly he hopes to achieve. The almost 800 delegates, who voted last Sunday, were only echoing the sentiment of the members of the party, beside nothing has changed in the structure and persons who voted in 2010 national delegate, where Alan was trounced.

The endorsement has started pouring in, including executives who are well vexed in the rules of the game, which state that no executive is to publicly endorse anyone candidate. Alan Kyeremanten’s insistence on staying in the race can be likened to the fly which wants to follow the corpse to the grave.

Mr Joe Ghartey, has shown the way, he has behaved like a fighter, giving up or conceding does not mean cowardice, it only means you are rational enough to accept defeat. He is matured enough to know that this fight is beyond him.

I do not want to dwell on the other two, Addai Nimo and Ameyaw Osei, because they are only making up the numbers.

The National Democratic Congress (NDC), President John Dramani Mahama and indeed Ghanaians are watching and wishing this marathon is over, so that they can start strategizing for 2016. It will be easier for whoever leads the NDC, if NPP finally endorses Nana Addo, so the earlier they get on with the internal rig marrow, the better.

Alan if you go ahead with this your madness, the humiliation after October 18, will be so severe that coming back again will be difficult.
I don’t know who has lied to him that he appeals to floating voters and for which reason he habours the audacity of beating Nana Addo and winning the general elections.

The NPP has a problem and that is everybody in that party think that it is their God given right to rule, that is the same mentality that Alan also has.

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