Investor Community Frets


…Over Russian Kidnaping Ring

The investor community in the country is nursing fear over the activities of some Rusian kidnapping ring that has made Ghana its hub and lowering the country’s  image on the international stage.

Worst still when they are arraigned before court, they are let loose on bail to continue with their trade.

A classical case is the story of  Ramzan Kafaroy, a successful  investor who owns chains of businesses from agriculture, mining/ jewelry, but fell to  these alleged preying  kidnappers when he was picked up on  august 8, last year whilst driving.

The case is still in court, whilst the accused are walking free on a five thousand Ghana crisis bail.

The release of these suspected kidnappers: Vagid Musaev, alias Vladimir Nabiyev , Musah Masaev and Rhezahan sultaov is what has sent shivers down the spines of many an investor with other   potential investors uncomfortable doing business in Ghana.

With the continues delay of justice delivery casting doubt on the integrity of the judiciary system, others are calling for the re-arrest of such suspects.

Speaking exclusively to the investor community, including Arsan Kafaroy, who also was also kidnapped on September 8, he explained how he was brutally  maltreated and manhandled by these men from Russia and, is therefore calling upon the courts to re-arrest them till the court process ends.

Several leads has come into the public domain regarding this fast developing story with the names of saidhan nabiyev a.k.a Adam eldberg and Denis trofimov as part of the kidnappers.

Modus Operandi:

investigation by the reporter has discovered that just like the case of Arsan and Ramza, after kidnapping their victims, these criminals request for huge ransom of money from their families and also they sell the corporate and personal properties of their victims.

With the intention of killing their victims so that nobody gets to know about their crimes.

With all these facts and several others unfolding, the onus lie on the security agencies to uphold their dignity of their work by doing more to make this country a safe place for not only businessmen, but investors who have worked for many years and staying in the country, but are living in panic.

Further details to be revealed after hearing from the Accra court five (5) on the next adjourned date.

By Osumanu Guarantee


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