Inusah Fuseini Should Stop Drinking The Soup, Whiles The President Is Pounding The Fufu


The social media, especially facebook and now whatsapp, are one of the powerful social media platforms, where interesting spectacles and indeed horrors are play out to our very eyes every day.

These are not new to the world of politics in advance countries, but are new to our style of politics. They may take different strokes, colours and songs, but they are certainly the same tricks, where politics is considered a dangerous game, not fit for gentlemen and ladies.

Inusah Fuseini, is one of the luckiest people in this country, he has risen so fast, despite the array of talents and qualified individuals that, make up the National Democratic Congress (NDC).

From a deputy minister to a substantive minister in four years, is more than one could ever hope for and to try and blow that away, just the same way it came to you, is something I am trying hard to wrap my head around.

The only thing that is hidden from social media, is things we do under the cover of darkness and even that, some are foolish enough to let their
guard down, by either recording, which later leaks or getting recorded by people for mischievous purposes.

Not too long ago, a video recording went viral on social media, in which a gentleman was captured spraying cash, at what was later revealed to be an album launch of a northern-based musician.

Upon closer and further viewing of the video, it emerged that, the Minister of Roads and Highways, Inusah Fuseini, was the person, who by virtue of his status in his community was displaying his culture.

It is not common for a big man or a prominent person in the northern part of the country to splash money at events; it could be wedding, outdooring, festival, or any social gathering, it depicts the culture of the people, but as a politician where do you draw the line.

It is a thin line, only few smart ones have been able to surmount, Inusah Fuseini, perhaps got carried away and allowed the moment to cloud his judgment into doing what many saw as unbecoming of a minister of state, entrusted with our resources.

The warning signs for things to happen should he slip again were not nebulous, and I am sure he lost sleep over that innocuous incident, how he decided to put himself out again for another display of opulence, is baffling to say the least.

In politics, there is no difference between perception and reality; it is only in politics that everything is as it is said. You do not have the luxury of mistakes; you do not slip, hoping that, your opponent will come to your aid.

The vultures are always lurking around, foraging for bad information to use against you, any momentarily loss of concentration and you are in for a showdown, you will probably not come out of unscathed. Taking things for granted, is a gamble a good politician does not take.

Over the weekend, the minister and Member of Parliament for Tamale Central launched his campaign; I was particularly amazed that this all important launch is getting all the attraction and discussion, without the essentials of electioneering. I.e. to sell programmes, dreams, visions and ideology to voters and in the process to canvass for their votes.

Instead, the discussion has been centered on, how much was spent to get the dancehall king, Shatta Wale, to perform at the event.

The minister, has denied all the allegations, bordering especially on how much Shatta Wale charged and has said that, it was a sympathizer or if you wish, a loved one, who made all the arrangements for Shatta’s appearance.

Is it an afterthought or the minister is speaking the truth?

Shatta Wale has said unequivocally that, he is a businessman not a politician, and any politician, who wants his services must pay for.

Shatta Wale is noted for turning down offers to perform, because the amount involved is too small, so if he is seeing performing at your campaign launch, you must be ready for conspiracy theories.

Before the event itself, the social media, was already awashed with the discussion of Shatta Wale performing at the launch, various sums were making
the rounds, if the minister was smart, he would have just told whoever was paying for the Dancehall artiste to make the appearance, to simply stop,
but to allow the show to go on as advertised, was not being smart at all.

The logical question, people will be asking, which is legitimate is that, what does that benefactor, expect in return, after paying the reported GH¢50,000 to Shatta Wale.

Haruna Iddrisu, the minister of Employment and Labour Relations, launched his campaign a fortnight ago and had perhaps the biggest crowd any
politician, including the presidential candidates, has been able to marshal, this he did without inviting or soliciting for any performance from any musician.

We can achieve whatever result, we set to achieve with modesty, opulence and a sign of show-off, will put people off.

As the campaign trails surges with the crowds, what should dominate the discussions should be issue-driven and not about personalities, who want to
put themselves In the middle of controversies.

While the President, John Dramani Mahama, is busy selling his message of hope, I get really worried with these kinds of dust trailing his campaigns.

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