Internet Fraud Alert!


Internet has so become an important part of life that most of us use it every day. It is an extraordinary place for studying, communicating, entertaining, working as well as the biggest information source in the world.

However, we note with sadness that just like the benefits which have enriched the world, digital age is gradually eroding humanity and neighbourly love towards one another as we know it.

In Ghana, some people are using it to exploit their fellow citizens.

David Asante, has created a page on facebook, known as David Online Shopping. He lives in Takoradi, where he operates from the prying eye of the Ghana Police.

David Asante is a criminal, who must be on the radar of the Ghana Police. The name of Ghana is being soiled on abroad, because of the activities of David Asante.

The Police are hereby being put on alert to help apprehend this criminal, who is making a living by defrauding his fellow Ghanaians.

At a news conference last month to unveil the new website of the Ghana Police Service and its social media handles in Accra, the Inspector General of Police (IGP), Mr Asante-Apeatu, said the police were ready to deal with any Ghanaian caught hiding behind social media to commit crimes.

The police must go beyond rhetoric into full action, as hundreds of Ghanaians get defrauded everyday on social media.

David Asante and his accomplices, must be tracked and arrested immediately, before they cause any more harm, than they have already done.

The telephone number, he uses for this operation is;0540890675.

The telephone number of his accomplice is: 0540891925 and the number is registered to a certain Mavis.


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