Institutional Passiveness; The Catalyst For Corruption


Sonetco Institute has monitored discussions on corruption, and how revelations out of it has risen to highest crescendo, and also how the resonation of corresponding action has been so poor which is giving so much room for us to be concerned.

The act per revelations cut across political and sector divide and even with international dimension. The sole commissioner on judgement debt, public account committee, presidential special task force and the work of hard-working journalist has given birth to staggering revelations which are mammoth in size and heart breaking.

But who is to be held responsible is our bane now as we all as citizens desire to find a strategic way to fight corruption to its minimal levels. To a point where corruption will be unattractive to perpetuate.

We have noticed with great concern the passive nature of the constitutional mandated institution who are to serve as watchmen and implementers in the fight against corruption. This passiveness to us serves as catalyst for the growth of corruption. The magnitude of the corrupt cases does not warrant the snail-like nature our institutions use in approaching issues. The committee that make recommendations to A-G must exert pressure, EOCO, the IGP and the police with all unit against corruption must rise up,to the challenge which is drowning us as a nation. The A-G for instance does not need authorization or pressure from the presidency to function right, they are all part of the executive. We then call on the judiciary too to rise up as they did during the recent petition when we needed them most.

Partisan politicians, the media and the owners of Ghana, the citizens must all brace up for the battle. We can only create the kind of Ghana we want. If citizens in positions know that the anti-corruption machinery or system can be circumvented, then where is the instrument of deterrence. All these institutions are made up of citizens of Ama Ghana, so are they saying they don’t know the rippling effects of this cancer called corruption being perpetuated in broad day light? Ghana must work again and the time is now, Sonetco Institute is calling on concern groups and stakeholders of Ghana to join us fire all cylinders on mandated institution in the fight against corruption to function with essence of swiftness and diligence. Tax payers money is used to pay workers of these institutions and they alone enjoy about 70% of all our revenue. If the black stars are poised to exhibit patriotism on the field, then our cheers must be the fight against corruption, Ghana deserves better.

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