Influx Of Sub standard Products


First Deputy Speaker Question Use  Of GSA Officers At Entry Point

By Patrick Biddah

The First Deputy Speaker of Parliament, Mr Joe Osei Wusu ,has questioned the usefulness of officials of the Ghana Standards Authority(GSA) at the country’s entry points.

His argument is that, men clothed with the powers of the State and paid with tax payers’ money , allow sub Standard products to pass under their watch, when their job is to prevent such products from entering the country.

According to the First Deputy Speaker who is also the Member of Parliament (MP) for Bekwai in the Ashanti region, it is unacceptable to have the presence of GSA officials at the country’s entry point and yet the market is flooded with sub Standard products from overseas .

The Member of Parliament,  who expressed this thought yesterday in Parliament, was contributing to a statement made by the Member of Parliament for Shama, Mr Ato Panford on the importation of Sub Standard products into the country.

Mr Osei Wusu, said the practice where substandard products find their way onto the Ghanaian market ought not to happenin the sense that there is an institution that is tasked to prevent such from happening.

In his opinion, it is either the officials of GSA, whose duty it is to stop these products from entering, are aiding in  bringing in these sub-standards products or their negligence is resulting in this.

The problem , he indicated can be dealt with if the officials of the Ghana Standards Authority at the country’s entry point are falling the nationby not being vigilant enough to stop the products from entering.

His suggestion was that the problem of sub Standard products into the country can be reversed if Ghanaians develop the attitude for locally manufactured products citing the example of electrical cables.

According to him, it has been established that two out of seven  quality electrical cables that are on the Ghanaian market  have been proven to be of Made in Ghana ,calling on Ghanaians to patronize the made in Ghana products.

Importers of these sub-standards products , he pointed out do so with the aim of making astronomical profits since the sub Standard products are often cheaper at the time of importing them.

Contributing also to the statement was the Member of Parliament for Bole, Mr Sulemana Yusif was of the opinion that the problem is with lack of  human resources to man the many entry point of the country.

According to him, employing more officers for the Ghana Standards Authority in each of the districts, will go a long way to helping to prevent sub Standard products from entering the country.

He, however, expressed outrage at these sub-standards products, particularly electrical cables and vehicular spare parts. The spare parts and the electrical cables he added have been proven to have caused accident and fire outbreaks respectively.


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