Indiscriminate Transfers Hit Ghana National Fire Service


By Cecil Mensah

Tension is building up in the Ghana National Fire Service (GNFS), over indiscriminate transfers on the part of the Chief Fire Officer, Dr Albert Brown Gaisie.

The Acting Chief Fire Officer of GNFS, is rolling out a house cleansing exercise, aimed at victimizing innocent fire officers at the state agency.

Dr Albert Brown Gaizie, since assuming office as the Acting Chief Fire Officer in 2013, has asked all senior officers particularly, those vocal of his style of administration of the service to proceed on transfers.

The senior officers, have been transferred to the remote areas without recourse to their family life.

The indiscriminate transfers of senior officers, have become a usual feature at GNFS headquarters near the headquarters of the Ghana Police Service on the Ring road in Accra.

Senior officers since Dr Gaizie took over, have been threatened with transfers to remote areas across the country, any time they show dissent in the administration of the Chief Fire Officer.

The senior officers, who are able lieutenants and can hold forth for the service, are being threatened with transfers at the least provocation of their boss.

The Herald, has learnt tension was simmering among junior officers and seniors over the way they are being threaten with transfers.

Some junior officers jokingly told The Herald “when you meet the Chief Fire Officer and he does not like your nose, he threatens you with transfer”.

The Herald has learnt the Chief Fire Officer, has transferred all the senior communication officers in the Public Relations unit of the service.

Reports say one Ellis, Collins and Billy, the other names withheld; all senior officers in the Communications unit of the service, have had their transfer typed and their job taken over by Madam Harriet Nunoo, who is perceived to be the favourite of the Chief Fire Officer.

The Herald learnt National Fire and Rescue Service, was set up to perform the following functions: organise public fire education programmes to, create and sustain awareness on hazards of fire.

And heighten the role of the individual in the prevention of fires and Provide technical advice for building plans in respect of machinery and structural layouts to facilitate escape from fire, rescue operations and fire management.

Inspect and offer technical advice on fire extinguishers; co-ordinate and advise on the training of personnel in fire fighting departments institutions in the country; offer rescue and evacuation services to those trapped by fire or in other emergency situations and train and organize fire volunteer squads at community level; undertake any other function incidental to the objective of the Service.

Even though the mandate of the institution are clearly spelt out under the Ministry of Interior, the Acting Chief Fire Officer has turned the institution as personal property and avenue to deal with voice of dissent in the service.

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