Increase Cable Cuts Affecting MTN Performance


MTN Ghana, has expressed serious concerns about the consistent increase in the cut of its fibre cables. Damage to its buried fibre infrastructure is one of the main causes of disruption of calls and data transmission in the country.

MTN, has invested heavily in fibre-optic technology in order to increase capacity and speed and ensure a distinct experience for MTN customers using voice or data services. However due to the increasing cuts in fibre, the company has had to spend a substantial amount of money and time to deal with the effect of this menace.

An illustration of some fibre cut incidences experienced in recent days will serve to highlight the frequency and gravity of the nuisance. On May 24, MTN experienced a triple fibre cut on the Tema-Dawa road at about 8:00AM.

Around the Awoshie Junction where a major road construction is underway it experienced a second cut to its buried fibre around 9:05AM. At 9:26AM yet another fibre cut was experienced within the vicinity of the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) and Juaso. The May 24 triple fibre cut affected 395 (2G) sites and 345 (3G) sites and caused difficulty in the making and receiving of calls and data usage.

Disruption of services as a result of fibre cuts is made worse by the fact that the Fibre Maintenance Team have to painstakingly go through extraordinary lengths to locate the exact area of the cut for repairs to be made. When fibre cuts occur on a route, calls and other services are re-routed through other loops, thereby placing additional loads on those routes.

The CEO of MTN Ghana, Serame Taukobong said, from January to April of this year the company experienced 283 cuts and this number had increased to 325 as at June 5. “This is a critical issue because fibre cuts compromise service quality for our customers and we are taking drastic measures to curtail the menace”. He’s said.

He added that, “MTN company has implemented various solutions to reduce and possibly eliminate the incidence of fibre cuts but I am deeply concerned we continue to see an escalation in spite of the education and complaints to State Authorities. MTN Ghana instituted legal action against two companies recently for damaging the company’s fibre cables. The action taken by MTN serves to underline the gravity of the “fibre cut” situation and the seriousness with which MTN takes the issue. The company would pursue all options within its reach to reduce this menace including legal action.

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