Include Men Health Issues In Manifestoes –Political Parties Told


Ghanaians, have been asked to send a text 1962 to support the “Do it for Dad’’ (DI4D) campaign to help create awareness on men’s health issues in the country.

The advocates for making father’s day a national day for prostate cancer in the country at a ceremony to mark the day in Accra last week, have called on the various political parties to make issues of men’s health part of their manifesto in this year’s election.

Speaking at the ceremony; Dr. Raphael Nyarkotey Obu, Director at the Men’s Health Foundation, a Non-governmental Organization (NGO) for the promotion of men’s health issues in the country, said men’s health issues, are not talked about, because men are reluctant to go the doctor.

According to him, is about time issues of men’s health are discussed like that of breast cancer and among others.

He said, it was about time men man up as men to go the doctor to help solve the issues of men’s health issues in the country.

Men over the years have stayed away from the doctor for fear of being diagnose for various diseases.

Research has shown that black men are at high risk of getting prostate cancer hence the need for the awareness to control the disease.

He noted that stopping cancer before it starts must be one of the major agendas on the minds of the promoters of the adoption of father’s day as a national prostate cancer day.

He explained that even though the disease could be hereditary, it can be acquired by certain life styles of men like drinking alcohol.

He was quick to add that the use a local fruit known as ‘Aluguitugui” in the Ga parlance helps in fighting cancers and research has shown.

On his part; the former Minister for Local Government and Rural Development, as well as Minister of State at the Presidency, Oppong Fossu, said men’s health issues must be discussed devoid of partisan politics.

Partisan politics is fast taking centre stage in the issues that affect many Ghanaians in recent times.

“Many Ghanaians wake up in the morning and the only issue they are hears about the governing National Democratic Congress (NDC) has done this and the opposition New Patriotic Party did that in government”.

He said, this does not have any bearing on the development of the people, as well as the nation.

Initiatives like this, are important in the advancement of making men’s health issues relevant in the country.

According to him, initiatives like this will advance the course of humanities and bring to the fore issues that affect men.

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