In Response To Dr Mahamudu Bawumia: The Economy Is Not Broken


In his lecture a forth nigh ago titled, ‘The State of the Ghana Economy: A Foundation of Concrete or Straw, Dr. Bawumia, asked certain crucial questions and made some wild allegations, which should have been left for the mangers of the economy to answer, but in a desperate bid to confuse Ghanaians and stand out as the economic guru that, his party followers, won’t let us have sleep over, he elected to be the provider of the answer to his own questions.

The question many people, including IMANI Ghana, a policy think tank, which believes in the free market philosophy of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) therefore is, how can we measure the objectivity of a man who belongs to a party desperate for political party?

In respect to Dr. Bawumia’s lecture, I am responding as a Ghanaian, although not too old have lived through the presidency of Jerry John Rawlings, John Agyekum Kufuor, the late, John Evans Atta Mills and is conversant with the terrible conditions that preceded the presidency of John Dramani Mahama.

I do not claim to know any economics, like Dr. Bawumia, but at least I am not blind to the realities and the progress unfolding before me in many sectors of our economy.

Dr. Bawumia’s lecture portrays him, not just as a man who has an estranged relationship with truth, but also as one who is overly confident, blind and lost in time.

He spewed out pieces of useless statistics, aimed at portraying President John Agyekum Kufuor, who was the Chairman of the occasion, as the best President this country, has ever had.

President Kufuor’s most cherished achievement was, decorating himself with Olympic Gold Medal, for the Star of Volta, something something.

He gleefully defended the bad record of president Kufuor, who brought untold hardship on the Ghanaian people since the advent of multi-party democracy in 1992.

But, in fairness to Dr. Mahmudu Bawumia, one need to understand that being a running mate to a habitual loser and belonging to a political party, where lies and propaganda defines how they engage the public, is one of the toughest jobs in the world

His job requires that he speaks consistently, not in line with his personal convictions, but as a praise-singer with the skills capable of soothing the troubled soul of the party foot soldiers, even when his own subjective assessment of the situation is diametric.

There are no hellish conditions on earth, than one whose voice has been muffled in exchange for a position that consistently eludes him.

Last week, the National Democratic Congress, woke up from it slumber to respond appropriately to Dr. Bawumia and the New Patriotic Party.

Although, I would have preferred that, they do not wait to be pushed before they take action, it was a welcome response and will put things in it proper perspective.

President John Dramani Mahama, is not a magician, he cannot turn the fortunes of this country overnight, development as I have come to know, is a work in progress.

If all our past leaders have done, half of what President Mahama, has achieved in his first four year term, this country, will be a place of beauty, unemployment will not be with us, this country, will be the destination for most Africans, who have the wherewithal to seek for medical help in any part of the world.

One President, cannot, not even the four years that, is given to him or her to end all our problems, we can only measure them, based on how wasteful they are.

The government’s inefficient handling of its publicity may be partially responsible for the perception that, it has not performed well, but a lot of it is due to insincerity on the part of the opposition New Patriotic Party, who are so desperate for power they lost in 2008.

Dr. Bawumia, who is leading the charge, pretends not to appreciate where the country is coming from, when his party handed over power in 2009, and what must be done to reverse the damage caused by his party.

If something is not broken, you don’t fix it, the economy is not broken, why must we change the driver.
Even the New Patriotic Party, with a weak flagbearer, who has been beaten twice, still believed he is the man to give them victory, despite strong opposition from some people within the party.

They have hope that, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, is the man to give them victory, twice he was rejected by Ghanaians, twice they have presented him to the same people who rejected him.

They are presenting him again for the final test to meet the same man, who took three months to campaign and beat him.
Going by their logic, it is safe to say that, President Mahama, who has proven capable of outperforming his predecessors, must be allowed to finish
his second term of four years.

Dr. Bawumia, is a fine gentleman, he is in a difficult situation, but he must rise above propaganda, his words today, will be played back to him like a movie tomorrow.

We seek power to better the lot of our people, it is not a game, and peoples’ lives are involved and so if Dr. Bawumia, feels he is going to allow himself to be used to further the childhood dream of somebody, then he has something big coming.

The records has been set straight, it is my hope and prayers that, next time he gets the opportunity to mount any podium, he will be fair to the facts.

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