IMANI Ghana & Consumer Potection Agency Caught Naked


The long held position by many, that IMANI Ghana is a Marketing and Public Relations (PR) organization, but masquerading as a policy think tank, has finally been confirmed with documentary prove from the state-owned Agricultural Development Bank (ADB) that a whopping Twenty Thousand Ghana Cedis (GH¢20,000) , as payment for PR job.

The Herald, has sighted a cheque dated November 6, 2014, issued and paid in the name of IMANI Centre for Policy and Education.

The discovery of the document revealing the payment to IMANI, led by Franklin Cudjoe, who is also a member of the pro-New Patriotic Party (NPP) body; OccupyGhana, has angered some government officials, as well as communicators. They are questioning what the payment was meant for, especially so when IMANI, has claimed to be a nonprofit making body.

IMANI Ghana, was recently praised publicly by Gabby Otchere-Darko, a strategist of the opposition NPP and cousin of the twice defeated Presidential candidate of the NPP, Nana Akufo-Addo, for leading the opposition’s vitriolic attack on Mahama government, whilst the NPP Members of Parliament (MPs) sleep on the job and snore, having been compromised.

The cheque to IMANI Ghana, was paid from the head office branch of the state-owned bank located on the Independence Avenue in Accra. It was numbered 0203050806966604, with the GH¢20,000 written in block letters.

The Herald, is reliably informed that ADB is not the only state institution that has paid moneys to IMANI Ghana to escape it politically-induced chicanery wrapped in the cloak of a national ombudsman.

IMANI Ghana, led by its President, Franklin Cudjoe, has regularly been writing articles for publication in the media, pronouncing some state officials as lazy and non-performing. It is not clear whether those state institutions and officials refused to doll out moneys to them, hence the negative publicity that they attract from IMANI.

It is also unclear, whether those declared performing, had also coughed out huge sums as the amount paid by ADB, to get a favourable publicity.

One such organization that The Herald has learnt has been heavily taking care of IMANI, is the National Petroleum Authority (NPA), headed by Moses Asaga. This has made NPA to live above the criticisms of IMANI Ghana, in spite of pressure from the public for petrol prices to be reduced.

Another tainted organization found on the payroll of ADB is Consumer Protection Agency, a self-acclaimed consumer right advocacy organization, owned by the NPP loyalist, Kofi Kapito.

Kapito, a US returnee, went ballistic in 2012 calling Ga-Dangbe’s fools for selling their lands to migrant Ashantis in the Greater Accra Region, only to turn round and complain.

According to the documents, Consumer Protection Agency, a one-man organization without any known address, took away a mouthwatering GH¢5,000, through a cheque dated October 15, 2014, with a serial number 0202726666666.

It was also drawn from the head office branch of the ADB in Accra, same place as IMANI Ghana.

It is, however, not clear why ADB doled out the whopping GH¢5,000 to Mr. Kofi Kapito’s company. But the question many are asking is, whether his organization could fight for the interests of the customers of the ADB, should the Bank failed to conduct itself well.

Unconfirmed reports are that, the Consumer Protection Agency, has gotten a couple of items from other organizations it would ordinarily have taken on in the interests of the consumers, especially the mobile telecom service providers like, MTN, Vodafone, Glo, Airtel among others.

In the case of IMANI Ghana, it was said that when the government invited well-meaning Ghanaians to Senchi Economic Forum to deliberate on the economy, Mr. Cudjoe went there only to eat and sleep, yet came back and joined the NPP bandwagon to criticize the government on radio, for holding the forum.

It is not clear, whether the hardworking Managing Director of ADB, Steve Kpodzi, is aware of the payment to the two institutions, especially so when ADB, is rated as one of the highly performing banks in Ghana, presently. It is also not clear how long these payments to IMANI and Consumer Protection Agency have been going on.

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