IMANI Ghana Becoming Jack Of Al L Trade


Think Tanks, religious groupings and civil society groups, being the last hope of the common man are a proven necessity. For most Ghanaians living in a country where some politicians over the years have failed to live up to their responsibilities, these Institutions need to live up to this maxim.

But it is a tall order as they are all expected by all to keep above board, no matter what is happening in the polity. More importantly, the
institutions have to be totally insulated from politics.

Unfortunately, over time the veils from the faces of most of them have been stripped and we can all see them for what they really are.
It is no longer a surprise to Ghanaians to wake up in the morning and hear that a pastor or man of God, has denounced one political party or another.
What is surprising though is that all the insults, vote of no confidence are all placed at the doorstep of President John Dramani Mahama. This was the
not the case, when some people were in office.

I don’t recall any Pastor taking on President, John Agyekum in his eight years tenure as President of this country.
President Mahama, has become a punching bag of many so-call Men of God, who equally have a duty to ensure that the congregations are thought the value of patriotism and hard work which do not matter to them now.

It is easier said than done, that is why it is good to learn to crawl before one can walk. The easiest thing even a lazy man can engage in is to criticize, even Individuals and group of persons who have nothing to show for their existence on earth, also want to criticize our leaders, who are bracing everything to ensure that we have a decent life.

There is one Think Tank in this country that has developed the penchant of knowing it all. From archeology to zoology, trust them to have a solution to all the problems confronting us. You can sum them up as jack of all trade.

As if that is not enough, they have also putting on political colors, so glaring that you can identify them miles away.
Ladies and Gentlemen, am talking about Imani Ghana, a so-called policy think tank led by all-knowing Franklin Cudjoe.

Last week Thursday Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, twice failed Presidential candidate of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), announced that he will contest fort the flagbearership of his party, when it opens nomination. Immediately after his announcement, the media decided to digest his speech and intentions.

A lot of questions were asked about his capacity, readiness, health issues and most importantly his age. He will be 72 years, when he takes the oath of office as the President of Ghana and that will make him the oldest President of this country. I do not think that he is the best person for this country.

Executive Director of policy Think-Tank, Imani Ghana, Franklin Cudjoe has rubbished suggestions Nana Akufo-Addo should take a back stage in Ghanaian politics due to his age.

Nana Akufo-Addo recently declared his intention to contest the New Patriotic Party’s flag bearer race and if possible, lead the party during the 2016 presidential election.

His critics, especially those from the governing National Democratic Congress (NDC) said he was ageing and should give up in the presidential contest.

But contributing to Citi FM’s current affairs and news analysis programme, The Big Issue, Franklin Cudjoe disagreed with such political pundits and opined that age does not matter in politics.

According to him, age should not be a determining factor when one is seeking the highest office of the Presidency.

He recalled, “First they said this man was a cocaine dealer, he doesn’t smile and that he is arrogant but he got five million votes during the last elections.”

Franklin Cudjoe insisted that there was nothing wrong with the NPP 2012 flag bearer’s decision to contest the 2016 presidential election at age 72.

He therefore suggested that Ghanaian politicians should decouple age from who is qualified to lead the country as president.

“We need to understand that if we do not delink the issues of age from the way we do our national politics we will be running ourselves down,” he stressed.

This is a report by Citi FM and attributed to Fraklin Cudjoe.
What is his interest really? By following his post on facebook and listening to him on radio, I could tell that he is so passionate about Ghana that he will always wish the best for his motherland. But unfortunately, his political colors and leaning will not allow him to be fair and look at things critically.

Franklin believes he is more Ghanaian than the President, so I was very surprised and taken aback when I saw this story.

Mr. Cudjoe, if the report of Wikileaks and attributed to people, who know Nana Addo on a personal level like Kwesi Pratt Jnr. Managing Editor of Insight is anything to go by, then anybody who has ever used drugs before, cannot be expected to function well after 70 years.
The drugs will affect their ability to perform and think well over time and Nana Addo, who is alleged to have used drugs before, will not be in full control of his faculties at 72. Former President of the United State of America, George Walker Bush, who once used drugs, we saw the state in which he left America and the world. We do not want to go down that road.

I subscribe to the school of thought that thinks Nana Addo’s age, will come back to haunt him, whether we like it or not.
Former President John Kufuor, never used drugs in his life, which is why he is still as active as he was even as former President, it is already telling on Nana Addo, even at the age of 68.

Franklin Cudjoe is very critical of the Government and so his open support for Nana Addo’s candidature clearly exposes his hypocrisy and all that he stands against.

Most Ghanaian companies doing so well, including Imani Ghana, I will like to find out from Franklin Cudjoe, what is the average age of the staff and the people running those Institutions, it is certainly not 70 and above.

When it comes to politics, he can spare us his opinions. The issue of Nana Addo’s age is the business of NPP, not Imani or Franklin.
By their fruits ye shall know them.

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