IMANI Boss Up Paymasters Game –Inside Ghana


By Cecil Mensah

Inside Ghana, a pressure group sympathetic to the governing National Democratic Congress (NDC), has impress upon the President of IMANI- Ghana; Mr. Franklin Cudjoe to apologize to the management of National Communications Authority (NCA) over his incensed fraudulent posturing in the Interconnect Clearing House contract (IHC) to Afriwave Telecommunications Company Limited.

“We are highly miffed and incensed by the fraudulent posturing of Imaniin bastardising the NCA on the Interconnect Clearing House contract awarded to Afriwave Telecommunications Company Ltd”.

According to a statement,signed by Alex Doe, Director of Operations for Inside Ghana in Accra said,
Franklin Cudjoe, the self-acclaimed President of Imani Ghana is dubiously putting into the public domain false information about NCA.

The statement said, the purported report by Imani on the tendering process which the NCA has categorically stated was not their report at a recent press conference addressed by the Director General of NCA, William Tevie.

This action, “we believe should put to rest the deliberate peddling of falsehood by Imani and Franklin Cudjoe”.
But hearing Mr. Cudjoe on Citi FM, an Accra based radio station, one could clearly deduce he is doing the bidding of one of the competitors who lost the deal to Afriwave Telecommunication Company Limited.

It is, therefore, logical to conclude that Imani Ghana is on a wicked and malicious agenda to set aside a fair and just tender process to satisfy the whims and caprices of his pay paymasters.

Inside Ghana, therefore, finds the conduct of Franklin Cudjoe and his Imani Ghana, as well as his paymasters ought to be treated with disdain and all the contempt it deserve.

‘’We are appalled by this pay-as-you-go think tank attitude, which only questions the credibility of institutionsin pursuit of his set agenda”

Franklin Cudjoe in May 2014, threatened to drag the NCA to the Commission on Human Rights and Administrative Justice (CHRAJ) over the purported corruption in the Subah Info Solutions deal.

Ghanaians would recall that somewhere last year, evidence came to the fore that Franklin Cudjoe and Imani Ghana, engaged in an unscrupulous pay-as-you-go policy research on the Agriculture Development Bank’s (ADB’s) Initial Public Offer (IPO) saga where Franklin Cudjoe was alleged to have been pocketed GHS 20,000 to do the bidding of one partyin the IPO, the statement revealed.

Inside Ghana added evidence of the payment was put out by way of a cheque issued in the name of Imani Ghana.

“Only for Franklin Cudjoe to come back later to say it was a sponsorship deal which till date no one knows what sponsorship dealit was about,” the statement questioned.

The statement said, such offensive conduct on the part of the so-called policy think tank must not be entertained as it is not only disgusting and immoral, but criminal too.

We are by this release demanding a public apology from Franklin Cudjoe and Imani Ghana for their recklessness and advise them to stick to the ethos of running a policy think tank based on issues of facts and truths, the statement added.

According to Inside Ghana, failure to do so on the part of IMANI; we would urge the National Communications Authority to commence legal action against Mr. Franklin Cudjoe and his Imani Ghana for their baseless allegations and accusations to bring closure to this needless and pointless agenda.

The group commended the Ministry of Communications and the NCA to adopt the one stop shop of an Interconnect Clearing House which will yield benefits to the state.

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