I’m Not Going Independent -Abuga Pele


Incumbent Member of Parliament for the Chiana-Paga constituency, Mr. Abuga Pele, has denied reports that he intends to contest the upcoming parliamentary election as an independent candidate.

Abuga Pele lost the seat to one Lawyer Rudolf Amega- Etego in Saturday’s National Democratic Congress (NDC) primary.

Mr. Amega-Etego polled 4,337 votes to beat Abuga Pele, who had 4,177 votes, and Mr. Jonathan Nyaaba who secured 825 votes.

Speaking to Citi News, Mr. Pele said reports suggesting that he will go independent are untrue.

“I have never said I will go independent if I lose this election. On the contrary, I have been telling people that, there is the need for all of us to accept the results of an election and for all of us to work together and win the seat to assist the president to secure a second term in office.

“So for anybody to say that, I am going independent is not true. I do not subscribe to the idea of going independent. It’s not the best and I know the consequences of going independent. It is not fair and does not allow party unity unless it becomes very necessary, that is only when my people say they are not happy with the way events went and I talk to them and they insist I should go independent then I have no choice but to do what they want. But I don’t foresee any possibility of all that people are saying” Pele noted.

Mr. Pele conceded that, the outcome of the election represented the voice of the people but accused party executives and some traditional leaders of sabotage.

“There were a lot of impediments against me, some of the party executives who unfortunately did not want to see my face in the election even tried as much as possible to get me out of the way.When I had done all my home work well and we were about to vote, they decided to postpone the elections on three occasions for no reason, before we realized, a lot of money was pumped into the constituency and monies were distributed for people to vote against me. Also some paramount chiefs were seen using their vehicles to pick voters to vote against me.”

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