I’m Not A Bad Girl, I Pray 5 Times A Day- Halima Abubakar


Story by Maryjane Ezeh/Nigeriafilms.com

Aside her knack for intelligently interpreting movie roles, Halima Abubakar, has over the years been dubbed one of Nollywood’s bad girls because of her flare to stay fashionable by wearing revealing clothes.

The actress cum producer wants to correct that impression, arguing that she’s a good girl, prays 5 times a day but likes to stay stylish.

” People tend to misunderstand me a lot. Most people I have encountered in my life do not know me but they judge me based on my outward appearance. When they get to know the real me, they are shocked. People are quick to judge and assume. I believe people should actually be patient enough to know me before they begin to judge me.

Some people say I am not as bad as I am being portrayed. I am not a bad girl. I pray five times a day even though my Muslim brothers and sisters don’t believe I do. They come on my instagram page and rant. When they should be focusing on how to move Nigeria forward, they come on my instagram page and begin to bash me. I am human, so I react sometimes but most times, my fans reply them.”

Halima was also fond of committing lots of fashion errors and she defends herself thus,

“I was a young girl experimenting with fashion and I stopped when I got tired. I did not change my style because of anybody. I wasn’t doing anything extraordinary; it was just a short dress or bum shorts. When you look at my age at that time, it was a normal thing that a teenager does. I grew out of it but in movies, I wear skimpy clothes sometimes. I don’t wear them off set any more. I need to be responsible to my fans and my family.

My parents do not like me wearing short things. My mother says if I want to wear such, I should cover my hair. She says if I want to wear miniskirt, I should cover my hair but it cannot be covered in every movie. The funny thing is that at home, I do not wear skimpy dresses. I don’t know how people were able to single me out of the crowd. I was just a teenager having fun,” she told Punch.

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