I’m not a bad girl, I only portray creativity – Wendy Shay


She is stunning and has the curves that men like but Wendy Shay, who wants to make a mark in the music industry has refuted claims that she’s a bad girl.

Born Wendy Abena Ofosuhemma Addo, Shay said the sexually suggestive acts she displays in her music videos only portrays creativity and not to fascinate men.

According to Wendy Shay, despite her sexually explicit videos and how she depicts herself, she’s a strong believer of the word of God indicating that there’s no way she will accept the bad girl title from her critics.

The “Bedroom Commando” hitmaker responding to claims that she is riding on the late Ebony Reigns fame said “I mean those of us behind the scene know I am not riding on her fame, but mind you if people will recall Ebony’s style they will know that she was specially groomed to do pure dancehall music, she was finding her own path, I am doing Afrobeat and Afropop”, she told Delay on the Delay Show.

When asked if there could be something going on between her Ruff town records boss, Ricky Nana Agyemang known as Bullet, she said “I have no sexual relationship with Bullet, he has never asked me out, everything between Bullet and I is solely music, I have never been caught in bed with Bullet in Awoshie and I have no police case concerning the supposed relationship”.

Wendy claims the relationship between herself and Bullet is strictly platonic and the mere thought of taking it to the next level has never crossed her mind.

“Initially I didn’t understand why people condemned me but after some time, I realised I am blessed so people will definitely try their best to pin me down”, she added.

The budding talent says she hopes to become an internationally recognized musician and with songs like Uber Driver, Bedroom Commando and recently ‘Astalavista’ doing the magic for her, she sees herself winning Grammys in the next five years.

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