Illegal Structures Takeover Tema Station Lorry Terminal


By Cecil Mensah

As the city authorities are battling with the issues of illegal structures in the Central Business District (CBDs) of Accra, one of the busy lorry terminals, Tema Station is fast becoming a hub for illegal structures.

The situation is so, alarming at the time the Lord Mayor of Mayors has moved excavators to the Old Fadama area, popularly known as Sodom and Gomorrah near Agbogbloshie in the Odododiodiodio Constituency of the Greater Accra region to demolish illegal structures to make way for the dredging of the Korle Lagoon for the commencement of the Korle Lagoon Ecological Restoration Project (KLERP).

The Herald’s visit to the lorry terminal can report the rapid springing up of illegal structures on the pavements meant for commuters that use the terminal on daily basis.

The pavements meant for passengers to queue have been taken over by illicit structures right under the nose of the Accra Metropolitan Assembly led by Dr Alfred Oko Vanderpuije, and the terminal managers, Ghana Private Roads Transport Union (GPTRU).

The Herald’s investigations at the terminal has revealed that a taskforce operating in the terminal has been allocating the pavements to some market women, who want to put these structures on the blind side of the executives of Welfare Committee of the GPTRU in the terminal.

The Herald has learnt members of the taskforce collect as much as four hundred Cedis from the unsuspecting women, to allocate the pavements to them to put up the illegal structures in the terminal.

The reports say members of the taskforce have been renewing the allocation on every year for the women when it expires and taking the ground rents and pocketing it.
Members of the taskforce The Herald can report have been collecting money’s from the women with impunity from the women and littering the terminal with the illegal structures.

As the situation stand one cannot freely walk in the terminal without encountering these structures on the pavements meant for passenger walkways.

The situation so alarming that it has blocked the visibility of drivers in the terminal and in case of any disaster the situation, would be dire for the city

Sources close to the Tema Station Welfare Committee of the GPTRU have denied authorizing the women to put up the structures in the terminal.

They pledged to launch a full scale investigation into how the structures got to the terminal and punish all those involved.

The source said the structures will be demolished as soon as the culprits are identified in the terminal.

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