Illegal Structures Along Tema Motorway: A Call For Action

When the Tema Motorway got flooded on Monday after hours of downpour, not many people were surprised at the reasons given.

Speaking to Starr News, the Public Relations Officer (PRO) of The National Disaster Management Organization NADMO, George Ayisi, said it was wrong for structures to be built on the motorway buffer zone.

“These days surprisingly you get… they say kiosk estate on the motorway, I see that and I’m shocked. To see kiosk built all over the place along the motorway those places that are supposed to be a buffer zone. So if we are to recommend as NADMO for such facilities to be pulled down we’ll do that without no hesitation at all.”

Flooding has remained a re-occurring menace that has continued to devastate the Ghanaian environment, leading to huge losses of lives, livelihoods, property and damage to public infrastructure.

The menace of flooding has worsen recently due to a number of possible factors, including rapid population growth, urbanisation, poor urban planning and climate change, especially the increased frequency and intensity of rainfall.

Tema Motorway has not seen the level of flooding witnessed on Monday. The scary part is the revelation by The Ghana Meteorological Agency (GMet) that we should expect more rains in the coming days.

Flooding has been recorded almost across the 16 regions of the country. The Motorway is the latest to strike a blow at the heart of a problem that we have toyed with over the years.

There is the need for the country to seek proper flood data as the lack of it remains a major setback towards tackling flooding in Ghana, particularly in the cities.

In the considered opinion of this newspaper, even though flooding is a natural disaster, both the government and the citizenry can do a lot to mitigate the devastation caused by flooding through better management of the environment.

Institutions must be made to work, all illegal structures along the Tema Motorway must be pulled down and temporary shelter provided for the inhabitants.

We need a lasting solution to the recurring menace of flooding that keeps taking with it lives of innocent Ghanaians.


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