IGP, The People Of Kasoa Are Living In Fear


Since the current Inspector General of Police (IGP), Mohammed Alhassan, assumed the position, he has injected a lot of professionalism in the service and made his officers, more visible and accessible to the people in our communities, than any of his predecessors.

The spate of armed robbery and other illicit activities of criminals have gone down considerably and for that he deserves condemnation.

Although, a lot of people had issues with the President, John Dramani Mahama, when he decided to extend his contract, upon attaining the retirement of age of 60, he has justified the confidence reposed in him by the President.

A lot will be expected of anybody, who will be fortunate enough to step into his big shoes, when he finally takes a bow out of the service. Our call for the IGP, to deploy his men to Kasoa, stems from his track record as a proactive leader, who does not wait to act, only when things get out of hand.

The people of Kasoa for some time now, have been living in fear, due to the rampant attacks by armed robbers.

Kasoa, like many of our communities was not properly planned, people just bought lands, and built haphazardly, so it is easy for armed robbers to move freely and carry out their activities without being noticed.

It is not going to be an easy exercise to ask the Police to flush out all the criminals operating in and around Kasoa, but we are confident in the ability and capacity of the IGP and his men, to eradicate this social canker and flush out these misfits, who are raking havoc on innocent and responsible residents, going about their normal and lawful duties.

The place is fast becoming a den for criminals, who feel they can get away with their crimes. The IGP, must deploy a lot of his men to the area to mount a 24/7 surveillance and patrol in the area.

We cannot allow the criminals to have their way; the might of the country is heavier than any. The people of Kasoa, are confident the IGP, will come to their rescue.

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