IGP Post Not Do-Or-Die Affair And Yet You accepted Two years Extension 

The former Inspector General of Police (IGP), David Asante-Apeaut’s recent and disingenuous comment, in which he suggested that, the race to who becomes the IGP, must not be seen as a do-or-die affair for relevant candidates.

Addressing congregants of the St George Catholic Church at the Police Training School in Accra at a farewell and thanksgiving service held in his honour on Sunday (August 18, 2019), Mr Asante-Apeatu stressed: “Do not strive to achieve this aim at all cost at the expense of the decades of friendship that you have built, for what is written is written and it shall come to pass”.

In the interest of clarity, Mr Asante-Apeatu was appointed IGP in January 2017, following the retirement of Mr John Kudalor.

He was due to go on retirement on August 14, 2017, but accepted a two years extension of service, to end on August 14, 2019.

Mr Asante-Apeatu, could be said to be acting true to type of public servants in our time. The day, he accepted two years extension, even though he was due for retirement, was the day others who were in line for the Chief Constable, had to wait two years more.

His comment suggests that, those candidates who see the top job of the police service as a do or die affair, are betraying the police force, but this newspaper thinks Mr Asante Apeatu, has rather betrayed self.

Mr Asante-Apeatu, has become a case study in the manner in which he was dismissed, taking into consideration, the fact that, he had just two weeks to retire.

Under his tenure as IGP, the country witnessed the highest number of police brutalities meted out to civilians, especially journalists.

The service itself, was without direction and purpose and so, the country witnessed the highest number crimes, including kidnapping which was alien to our society.

This newspaper, however, is of the considered opinion that, the former IGP, wishes to unburden his conscious.

Although his advice is welcome, it is too late, especially coming from someone, who not long ago was beholden to the president.

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