IGP Must Give Us Justice


Denkyira-Oboasi Kingmakers Cry

The kingmakers and residents of Denkyira-Oboasi, in the Upper Denkyira West District of the Central Region, are yet to come to terms with the refusal of the Ghana Police Service to investigate an attempted kidnapping and assassination of one Osmanu Nti alias Mallam, by a chief in the area, Nana Adjei Nyedie.

The assassination attempt, however, led to the lynching of one of three macho men, Ebenezer Kpakpo Adotey, and the arrest of Ben Blankson, who were allegedly hired by Nana Nyedie to kidnap and kill Mr. Nti, seen as a threat to his occupancy of the throne.

The third macho man, Prosper K, however, managed to bolt away. The three had falsely claimed they were operatives of the National Security secretariat, but their plan botched, leading to arrest of Blankson and the lynching to the death of Adotey.

According to the kingmakers, Nana Nyedie, is a self-imposed Chief hence, plans to eliminate those who qualify to occupy the stool. They are surprised at the refusal of the police to thoroughly investigate the matter and prosecute the near murder case to enable peace return to Denkyira-Oboasi.

Meanwhile, checks have shown that Nana Nyedie is not popular among his people and as such, goes to town surrounded by macho men.

The outburst of the kingmakers and residents is borne out of is tension and fear in the town as a result of police inaction on the matter.

Nana Nyedie is said to have confirmed the barbaric act to the Police that indeed, he deployed the macho men to the town, but has since been left off the hook.

What is most disturbing is that the case involving Blankson was transferred secretly to the Homicide Unit of the CID Headquarters in Accra without the knowledge of Mallam, who is supposed to be the first prosecution witness in the matter.

The kingmakers narrated how in 1973, Mallam’s uncle, Opanin Yaw Asare was kidnapped from his room and killed in a similar chieftaincy dispute involving Nana Nyedie’s uncle, also known as Nana Kwanin.

They said no arrest was made in that incident. This, they said has put them in a state of fear and panic.

A petition sent to the Inspector General of Police (IGP), by the Kingmakers of Denkyira Oboasi Ahenfie, dated June 25, 2012, and sighted by this paper accused Nana Nyedie of using every dubious means to impose himself on the people of Denkyira, who have refused to recognize him.

“On April 13, 2012 he (the chief), his brother-in-law, Alex Antwi Adjei and his linguist, Okyeame Asare hired the three macho men who posed themselves as National Security operatives to kidnap and kill Osmanu Nti (Mallam) and others perceived to be a threat to his enstoolment.

“At about 3:00 am of April 13, 2012, the macho men were led by Kojo Fordjour, a brother to the linguist, Yaw Nsowah, a nephew of the chief and Kwame Nyarkoh to the house of the Mallam, which is about some few kilometres away from the chief’s house,” the petitioners said.

Narrating his ordeal to the paper, the victim said, he was in his house together with the wife sleeping when they heard a knock on their door. When he opened the door, he met three men with one holding a pump action gun, claiming to be National Security operative and had been directed to bring him to Accra.

According to him, even though he felt very jittery, he pleaded with the supposed National Security personnel to allow him change into some decent attire, since he was only in a boxer shot, but they would not allow him to do that, but rather they forcefully bungled and tried to handcuff him.

He said, whilst struggling with him, his wife rushed to town and called in the town folks, who confronted the macho men, and in the process two of them managed to run away leaving Blankson who was wielding a pump action gun.

Luck, however, eluded Ebenezer Kpakpo Adotey, as he was apprehended by the town folks and lynched, but Prosper managed to escape.

According to Mallam, his assailants before their operation, had put off the electric transformer in the town, plunging the community into total darkness.

According to Mallam, Blankson was overpowered by the people and the gun was taken away from him, he was subjected to severe beatings. He later confessed that they were contracted by the chief and his brother-in-law, Alex Antwi Adjei to kidnap and kill him (Mallam).

Upon further interrogation, Blankson revealed that the gun was given to them by Mr. Adjei with his initials (A.A.A) on it, saying that, they were to be paid GH¢1, 500. 00 each after the operation.

Mallam told this paper that, the District Police Command in the area was informed of the incident and they came for Blankson, as well as Adotey’s corpse.

He said, “later we heard that the case has been transferred to the Divisional Police Command at Assin-Fosu, and when we went there for a follow up, they told us that the case had been taken over by the Homicide Unit of the CID Headquarters in Accra.”

In the petition, the kingmakers sought to find out “Why almost two years into the incident, the Police have refused to arrest and charge Nana Nyedie in spite of the confessions by Blankson before the District Commander-Mr. Larbi, the District Crime Officer, Chief Inspector-Mr. Adu Kwabena and District BNI Officer-Mr. Augustine Ofori, that they were contracted by Nana Nyedie to carry out the operation.”

According to Mallam, what is so worrying is the fact that when they tried to make a follow up on the matter, they were informed that the case was in courts in Accra without his nor his Lawyer’s knowledge, a situation he described as justice denied, especially so when he is supposed to be a prosecution witness.

According to the petitioners, Nana Nyedie, had bragged that he had confessed to the District Police Commander that he personally brought those macho men to the town and wondered why no charges had been levelled against him.

They, therefore, called for proper investigations into the matter for the perpetrators to be brought to book for peace to prevail in the area, since the continuous self-imposition of the chief is a threat to peace and security.

Checks have revealed that the late Adotey lived in Osu. He operated a drinking bar around the Kelewele Junction near the African Market. He left behind a wife and three children. Since his demise, his shop has been sold out, whilst the wife and children struggle to make ends meet.

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